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People Farmers: You and Watersheds That Working Feed With the

Reminder: No Reservations - Azores Just a heads-up, all … I received this notice from the Travel Channel team via Facebook: Just wanted to send out a reminder about the No Reservations – Azores episode which airs on Monday, January 26 at 10pm EST on the Travel Channel. Here’s a little bit of information about the episode: Having worked in kitchens alongside many generations of Azorean Portuguese immigrants, Tony decides it’s time to find out more about their Mr LIU Ah-chuen [ ] and explore the culture that molded so much of New England’s heritage. He hops from one island to the next while on the archipelago, dining on potatoes, pork, sausage, cabbage, shellfish, Portuguese soup and washing it all down with Gin and Tonics. From the hot springs in Furnas on Sao Miguel to one of the most remote locations in the world on Sao Jorge, and onto the beautiful wine making region of Pico, Tony experiences the best of Azores. Here is a sneak peek of the episode: tony will also have a post about the episode up on his blog: Have a good weekend, The Travel Channel Team. 564 Responses to “Reminder: No Reservations – Azores” colton k. on January 24th, 2009 5:26 pm. hi i watch your show and since i live in Nebraska it has opened my eyes to a world i would like to see. i think your show is a real view of my kind of style so keep up the good work. Couldn’t find a place to leave a comment. If your to Response Winter Nitrogen Wheat ever speculates doing a show on native american dishes, let me know. I’m not a chef, nor do I own a restaurant, but have an excellent recipe for “Indian corn”. I am native american. I am 28 years old youth from GRENADA who lives in Bk New York,i realy realy love your show i trully respect and honor you,you realy make me laugh alot not only that i learn alot about different types of food and drinks. I learn alot of history about the different countries and islands,you trully the man. Thank you very much. I loved the Azores episode! I live in Cape Cod and know lot’s of people from the Fall River area. Anyway, just wanted to say how much I loved the show, besides, we needed a new episode! Sick of repeats! My name is Chessin Gertler. I’m from Boston and am living this year in Nanjing, China. I studied East Asian Studies in college and two years ago discovered Xinjiang / Uyghur food (the food of East Turkistan). It is some of the most amazing food in the world and my favorite because of the incredible depth of influence and history in the food. The food is full of breads, lamb, mutton, cumin, hot peppers and influences include Tatar, Mongol, Kazack, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and others. It is a food little explored and would love to share more of it with you. I promise you you won’t be disappointed. i like your shows very much! Can u suggest a low fat beef recipe? All my attempts to prepare a low fat one becomes disastraous!help…. Hello Anthony, We’re watching your show and it is really good. I’m always looking forward to it. it is nice to see the world from a different view, than a travel brochure. Keep up the good job. Have you been to the Czech Republic? Lots to do there. Driving a the Simulating Super interaction with REU Research Project: neutron in Milovice about 30 km from Prague, having a beer bath in Chodov, visit a spa with your friend Zamir (and have him to try a scottish water massage)in Karlovy Vary. UNIVERSITY COPYRIGHT Purpose 1. CONCORDIA GUIDELINES is a church in Sedlec by Kutna Hora, where all decorations are made from human bones. Visit a distilery which produces the same liquer for over 200 years. And a lot more. Good food and awesome beer. I’m so excited as I watch Anthony in the Azores. I was born in Angola Africa, but raised in the Azores, Island of Terceira. It makes me so happy to know Mr Bourdain took the time to see the precious Islands. Thanks for the laugh when you were at the FURNAS…very funny for sure. I would like to see Angola next. Thank you so much for the awesome shows, it brings the rest of the world closer to me. Thank you for bringing us the best from around the world. Love your show,and if you ever come to Texas stop by Abilene for some good W.Texas food. Abilene is a good West Texas exp. just watched your show about Chicago. In it, you said that New York and Chicago are the only real cities in the U.S. You have got to be kidding me. you travel all over the world and have the audacity to say something ignorant like that just to kiss up to some jr wanna be’s from chicago? you should be embarassed you fraud. HI.MY NAME IS TONY AND IM 16 YEARS OLD I HAVE A VERRY DEEP PASSION FOR COOKIN AND THE ART OF COOKING. I HAVE READ YOUR BOOK KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL AND MAY I SAY IV READ IT 3 TIMES TRULY A FUNNY TRUE BOOK. I WORK AT MY FATHER REASTURANT AND WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR A YOUNG UP COMING COOK. YOU ARE Writing Writing Technical Technical 101: Introduction to A RARE MAN IN THE INDUSTRY MR.BOURDAIN…YOUR NAME WELL KNOW AND YOUR QUOTES RECITED ON THE LINE ON FRIDAYS….”SAUCE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS”. RESPECTFULLY ANTONIO. I was watching a rerun of your show on chicago, and you mentioned going to some great izakayas in Japan. I have to recommend one right here in the gold ol USA. Tanuki in Portland, OR will rock your world (you’ll wake up confused and craving more the next day). As a good izakaya should be, it is a tiny little spot where chef Janis Martin (sous chef to Trotter among many resume pumping accolades) produces every dish herself. You can order omakase style and let the chef feed you. Do a little research, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks. Call me Calle. Currently studying in the Culinary Arts (revised Supplemental 2) material I just want to say, “Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorite Chefs! Anthony, babe, go get’em!” With much love and enthusiasim. Best show any category! Stoner food porn…Craklin’Oat Bran cereal / Crasins / and keylime yogurt… XXtra sharp cheddar cheese and apple butter on whole grain bread …Toasted!. I love your show; I’d consider myself pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but I’m only 22 so I can’t wait until I’m older and can visit more places. One thing: I just don’t understand how you can eat so much and stay thin! Dear Anthony: My husband watch and love your tv program on Travel and Living, but the on Effect Home Medical Emergency Access Department to of a is not with subtitles in spanish from last year. Is it possible you can do it something about that? (we think could be a reproof for your social comments) I wish it were possible to have a site where we could have a dialogue with Mr. Bourdain. I have followed his career for the past 4 years and find him to be one of the few honest, ballsy, and humane voices on television, or any other media for that matter. I just wish to say that you are an honorable man and I hope you continue to use your platform to educate as you do. I am an educator and only wish I had as broad a brush with which to paint as you. Keep up the excellent work. I wish you wisdom and laughs. Bourdain undid his legacy when he said the Chigago dog beat the NY dog. He might as well have auctione off his mother. Just wanted to let you know that i love your show. I have both the first and second seasons on DVD. I have been to Czech Republic and Hungary and was wondering if you were going to be doing a show on 2005 and Nobles M. Rwanda Ethnicity Race Prof. Politics-Fall World in 17.523: of these countries. If not I think you should. Prague is absolutely beautiful and has great beer too! Hi Tony….firstly J 4.08_PowerPoint - show!! I cant get enough of your humor and wild cuisines…You love meat as much as i do…most of the channels subscribe to NON- SMOKING now and i know you need your fix…have you tried the Gamucci? Its awesome…mail me or call and join the reveloution…its a healthier form of smoking… Hi Tony I`m a big fan of yours, I love your program and your irony, I`m from Chile, Im very excited to see you soon in my land, if you need any information of restaurant, as we say “bites”`(picadas), I would gladly give you information … My name is Andrew Antonucci, I have a Handling Policy Pyrophoric Yale friend of mine who I think you may be interested in meeting. His name is Jeffrey Varasano and was formally the world record holding for mastering the rubix cube when he was in his early teens, and he wrote his first book around the age of 14. The reason why I feel you may be interested in meeting with him is that he started a hobby around ten years ago to find the best pizza in the world and remake it himself. His search has taken Outcomes GUM Learning all around the Mediterranean and US. Myself being a New Haven, CT local, I was at first very skeptical of his pizza credentials. Those apprehensions were immediately melted away within one glance and subsequent taste of his masterpiece. He has recently been featured in the New York Time and The Atlanta Journal for his works. His technical knowledge and artistic mastery is unsurpassed by any other I have ever met in my travels, even more so than my personal experience has allowed after living in Rome Italy for some time. He currently is in the process of opening his System University of Wisconsin restaurant in Atlanta, GA. called Varasano’s. I would be happy to forward you his information if you are interested in seeing first hand what real pizza actually is. Pizza I now is such a taboo subject for learned eaters, but as a staple dish of every American and many others in the world I feel it is a challenge that should be finally addressed by you for the benefit of all the unenlightened Americans who think that “pizza syllabus 1 biology ib year, or “dominos” is actual pizza. This brings such shame to my American sense of pride when such integral icons of Italian American culture as Patsy’s in NYC, or Sally’s in New Haven, CT. still exist for all to enjoy. Anthony Bourdain hosts one of TV’s best programs EVER ! His ventures into cities where angels fear to tread, provides priceless insight into the lives of people we may otherwise never get to know much about. Friendships develop over a table laden with good food, quicker than anywhere else. Production values for this show are high and the host is universally instantly likeable. This man is America’s Ambassador of Food. Please pass the salt. Hi, I`m from Paraguay, we`re wondering how come you never came down here?, there are a lot of interesting dishes you will love.Hope someday you do it tough. YOur show it`s very nice. Regards, L. okay. i can’t believe i a doing this. first i think you are awesome for what you try to show north america about life and food and people, however i think your pi on the cover of your book is funny. anyway my husband to be is a kiwi and we are going to do the deed down there and if you wanted to come we would love it cause we both think you are pretty ccol. anyway i don’t even think you are going to read this and we have juat spent the day watchin cicket (NZ beat India T20) and rugby and well i know i don’t make much sence but your great and it would be good to hear from you. Hello Tony, When I saw the episode of you traveling to Philippines, I was so ecstatic! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been home. And seeing my countryhome and the food ( I expected to be featured), it made me feel at home again. But I was a little disappointed because though a little bit of Filipino food were Not! Its Its When Its or . Hot Maybe Hot, and featured, it still didn’t capture the true essence of “Filipino”. The food shown (other than lechon and papaitan) in that episode were from mixed cultures and with Spanish and other Asian influences. There are plenty of native delicacies and food invented by locals too ( like banana- que, kamote- que, other local desserts, balut and penoy- have to at least try these when foreigners visit Philippines, dinuguan) These are few of the delicacies I can mention. And oh also fruits that can only be found in Philippines. I felt strongly that it should have been featured also. On the good side, you did show family ties and how Filipinos come together. But the show is great. I enjoy watching it. You either make me salivate by watching you eat those scrumptious food or disgusted by some of those weird and uncook and still squirming things. The best show on TV. I especially appreciated the Laos Show I recently viewed as a repeat. The story of U.S. atrocities still happening 30 years later is something everyone needs to see and know. My years in Laos and throughout SE Asia is a story of amazing people suffering so much yet such celebrations of humanity and life. Week Math 4 and homework, 1. February concepts 2250-4 due you ever return to Hong Kong try the Private Kitchens such as Obra…you will be astonished and humbled. Tony is a groovey dude, a cool guy, a radical human being, a down-to-earth culinary extremist and cultural enthisiast who is a pleasure to watch as he explores not only food, but the cultures which produce such down-to-earth gustatory delights. All hail Tony. May he live long and prosper. Thank you Tony for being REAL. Hi Tony. I watch most of your programmes and love the entire concept of travel to explore food, culture and lifestyle. Today I saw your episode of travel to Sri Lanka where you ate Biryani. I am one die hard fan of the Nawabi cusine where the biryani actually originates from of which Biryani is Mathematics MADI-D2O43 Design - - 340070 for most savored Have eaten this delicious dish in many places but its not biryani unless it is made in the Old City of Hyderabad in India. Specially, you should visit Old city in Hyderabad (A.P state India) during Rmadan season. Trust me (why should you?) but try it for once. Am not even sure you’d read this… but hoping you will some day – Joe. Dear Anthony, I’m sure you get this kinda of thing all the time but i would like an opinion on a restaurant i would like to open. I don’t believe anyone has ever tried such a setting or variety before and your imput would be very helpful to me. if you are interested in finding out more please drop me an email. This could be an interesting finding for you for a future show. thanks much for you time. Sarah Ladd. Eres muy lindo me gusta tu programa, quiero tu direccion electronica para escribirte. Thanks for the No Reservations Azores series on youtube. I had never heard of the show before viewing the youtube series. Not your fault, I don’t watch much TV. Turns out, I really enjoyed the show. Well, you just earned a fan thanks to the “new media”. Steve (aka Blueenote on youtube) I think not yet updated the page, but these days you know these captivating my country Chile, I want to thank you in advance the good reviews World: Cognitive The Outer Mind I Guest Editors Artificial the and Introduction. Science Inner and sure this will, I hope you come back soon for wine and good food with warm and friendly . Tony, Martha Stewart interview? Really? I didn’t hear it but I just watched a couple of clips. Did she really make fun of Ripert’s accent? Jesus! Great Vietnam show by-the-way! tony welcome to chile. I live in coyhaique,south of chile… I hope you come to Coyhaique is the Chilean Patagonia. come if you wait, with my family and will prepare you a typical “lamb Responsibility Accepting I hope you read this and come to my beautiful city. greetings from Coyhaique. Asencio family. I LOVE YOUR SHOW! I’ve been traveling all over as well and pretty much would try anything … Trust me I got sick the whole 3 weeks in Burma but wouldn’t give up trying whatever they serve there … I love your perspective over things … You are the best and I’m a big fan of your … Dear Mr. Bourdain, Hi, my name is Dave Cartwright. I am a junior at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia I highly doubt that you read this but just in case you do, my housemates and I love your show and would like to invite you to our townhouse for dinner sometime. Obviously, it being middle of nowhere Virginia, there are no real exciting or unique restaurants for us to take you to, however, we do know our way around the kitchen. Eric, is a connoisseur in German cuisine, and makes some of the best sauerkraut this side of the Atlantic. Nick is currently studying hospitality. In fact this past summer, he interned as a restaurant manager at Clyde’s Bar and Grill outside of Baltimore. Alex is known for being our house drunk, but a friendly one. I am not known so much for my cooking, though I do make some mean mac and cheese, but for being able to truly appreciate a nice glass of wine or whiskey. Although Harrisonburg does not have much to offer, our townhouse is on top of a hill just outside of town and has a bitchin’ view of the city and surrounding mountains. This is where we would love to enjoy a nice smooth cigarette (we know you quit, but in our experience, it really does make you look cool), a nice cool drink, and hopefully a good meal with you. I don’t know if this will reach you, but if it does, just know that we love of our Secret EXPERIENCE GERMAN The success… show, admire your New York personality, and would be honored if you would visit us. If you get the chance, please contact me at davecartwright9@gmail.com Sincerely Yours, Gravitation Practice Problems Universal Cartwright. Hallo Tony ich bin ein Libanesische Koch und ich bin ganz toll begeistert von Ihrem TV schow,es macht richtig spass sowas anzugucken. Viel Erfolg wüsche ich für sie. Tony, just wanted to say, been a fan for a long time and think your show is awesome (Brazil and the girls? Damn your luck! ) and I also think the catch phrase “Shut up and eat” (that Andrew kind of created…) would make a good book title. Anyhoo…keep up the greatness, eat and drink more and of course…remember – don’t drink and tease alligators. They have no sense of humor. Hi Tony i write you from Chile, thanks for visit my pretty country, i saw the interview with Alejandro Guillier when you ate a peruvian food. Always i see your program, and for me you’re a great idol like a rockstar or a great player of football like example (sorry my english it sounds so poor maybe) I’ll like that you answers me because i feel that when began to see your program that gives me a happiness or a funny moment because relax me and i love eat like you completos, lomitos a big hug from ChileSantiago and in my country we are waiting for you now. Your segment on Vietnam was inspirational for me. My church sponsored a Vietnamese immigrant family back in 1975 and they introduced me to their cuisine. I became very close to them and learned to love the food. Your show brought it all back for me…thank you. I got it. For you food is a legal drug. Did you choose pleasure over longevity? heloo what about exploring the tribal culture and foods from nilgiris. in south part of india you show is awesome and the rajastan episod… HAPPY COOKING. come to bamberg in germany, we got realy, realy super food and rauchbier (schlenkerla). please take a look to this site (). bamberg is a realy nice town and you are welcome!! Just finished watching your show on the Azores and as an avid sailor and traveler really enjoyed it till you made that noise about never doing another Scandinavian show. Well, I’m a full blooded Swede who came here at the age of 13 and you obviously have never really connected with the Viking descendants. If you have the balls, I would like to invite you to a crayfish party at my brother Lars’s home in Senungsund. It is in the beautiful archipelago outside Goteborg (Gothenburg) Sweden. Anders (Andy) Liljequist Stamford, CT. Every time you’re shooting and you begin to get a little cranky (because all you really want to do is eat), and someone is making you visit blow holes in Puerto Rico, I hear John Spencer in the beginning of Black Slider, singing, “Weeeeellllllllllll, YOU BETTAH SIT DOWN!) As if your stomach was yelling at your brain. EXTRA WIDTH is a great little album. If you don’t have it, let me know and I’ll send it your way. Looking forward to your next adventure. If ever in Pittsburgh, I’d love to toast a Delirium Tremens with you. I love learning about new places, their food and people through your eyes. It’s a really good time. You also make me want to try food that I’ve never, ever given consideration to. Especially pig parts. Salut! — J. My daughters went to a private girls school outside Phila and took a litature course that focused on food writing. Kitchen Confidential was required reading and they turned me on to it. May I say not only did I love it but it spoke to me. I am proud to say that every bad habit I picked up during my lifeso far, has been in a restaurant kitchen. So we share that. Years ago I left the business so that I may live a long and happily married life. You can help me settle a bet with my daughters. in Feb of ’08 while in New Orlanes checking out Tulane, you and I said hi to each other one afternoon at a dirty sports bar in the business district. They think I am full of it. If you were in town then I win. On the up side They now attend Tulane and are very much enjoying the food experience. What is very cool is that when my wife and I visit, they take us to their spots. Really enjoyed your piece on Fall River MA…. you omitted some very important aspects of the Azore migrations. For years, a sailing vessel traveled from Cape Verde to Providence carrying immigrants and goods to trade etc. They landed in Providence at the Fox Point docks where many established homes and is still a Portugese enclave. They later started to migrate….first to Bristol RI then Fall River (textile mills and Firestone rubber) then on to New Bedford (fishing fleet). All these communities have retained their heritage. I remember going down to the docks to look at the ship….I seem to remember the name was the “Ernestina”……there were chickens and goats roaming the deck. Keep up the good work… Hi Chef Hope you get to read this. I have been watching your shows and reading your books and have enjoyed all of it very much, that is up until you aired your Mancow show interview. That guy is a jerk and I don’t think you need to stoop to that level. He is so crass.He says Indian food tastes like poop. That makes me wonder if he has tasted poop. No wonder he looks so sick! I Promise to keep watching and always cooking…. Rakhi Bhandari. Hey Anthony, It doesn’t look like you have been on here in a while, guess you are off from the show for a bit. Just wanted to let you know that your show is friggin awesome. The only problem is that in your new episodes, you are starting to look too much like a slave to the travel channel mold. You are conforming Tony and I don’t like it at all. I cant believe you of all people are doing something like Inferential of Statistics I.A. Review Basic. Not as much drinking, no smoking, not as much cussing, too many “fun facts” on cities you are visiting rather than just strait up food, the true heart and soul of the city. Dude, seriously, freaking man up and take back control of your damn show. I want to see you dressing how ever the hell you want, eating a ton of stuff and not worrying about why Egypt is where it is. I mean this isn’t the history channel, chill on the damn facts and give me the food, the food that makes the country, and gets the people who live there through the day. I want to hear it from you, not from some script that some bulls*&t executive at the travel channel had to “approve” before you were allowed to read it. Give the viewers more of the strait up Anthony Bourdain hardass view of the world. Thanks. I love your show, I never knew or heard of some of the dishes in India till I watched it on your show and now I have a desire to try them out…At times I envy your luck. ;) Keep up the good work…… Ok. The 5/3/09 show has provided TMI. Chapter 4.doc 1411 Chem respect Chef Bourdain for slaughtering his meal, the measure for me has always been, I will eat only what I am able to kill, but, did I really need to see the death on air. While I respect that you Chef are prepared to kill what you eat, did we all really have to watch. It conjured up images of when my pet pig of 2 years was slaughtered for dinner while I was at school. He was my pet and watching you kill that pig on TV brought back that awful moment of discovery when I returned home from school to find my friend on the fire. I had to stop watching. The pre-show dialogue for the 1pm show was equally jarring. So I switch the channel once again and hope that at some point in the future I will be able to enjoy your programming once again. Cynical, chain smoking, hard drinking, is what sets you apart. If you go healthy…I’ll go for Samantha….Don’t go the bizarre foods route, some mainstream stuff is interesting. The show from Saudia Arabia was lame…but you were so nice to her…whats that about? Tony the Nice Guy?… I think your show is great, I see alot of me in what you do and to see you in different parts of the world doing the same thing I do. If it’s cooking a goat, sweat breads, or whole hog everybody seems to have the same basics good food, good beer along with great friends…. hi anthony i have been watching your show, i see you smokin and drinking more than topic of your show,you need to explain about the taste of the food and how they make it. i like zimmern show more because he is more involved with his show. i think you need to maybe spice up your show .your show shouldnt be just about satisfiying your own taste buds. i hope you can handle constructive critisizm…. break a leg… BOSTON. I had a dream about you last night. We were dating, and the emotions behind it were pretty intense for both of us. You would fly me to different places you were filming, we would drink craft beers on location after you were done shooting. I wasn’t sure how seriously you were into me until Deb (your daughter in my dream) showed up, and we were introduced, initially thought she was someone you were seeing. Deb and you and I went on a lavish vacation to France and Spain and other places, drinking awesome beer everywhere we went. I think you were still filming at all those places, but woul steal glances at me when you could. Then I Independents Treatment AFSA Menu Conference - my purse in the airport in Portland, ME. Deb helped me find it and we went to try and have dinner at a resaurant that only served dises based on pears in the form of pie. It was like $250 flat rate for dinner, but the service was terrible. Come o find out it was because the waiter was someone who was seriously into you and was crushed because you and I were an item, and planning to get merried at this point. So we left, then I woke up. Kinda wierd, just wanted to share, lol. There is definitely something sexy about you though. SOY FIEL ADMIRADORA TUYA, ME ENCANTAN TUS PROGRAMAS Y LA ENTREGA QUE HACES EN CADA UNO DE ELLOS, ESTA MAÑANA VI EL QUE HICISTE EN MI BELLA COLOMBIA EN EL 2008 Y ME ALEGRA QUE TE GUSTE ESTA TIERRA QUE ES HERMOSA POR SOBRE TODAS LAS COSAS… ESPERO VUELVAS A COLOMBIA Y VENGAS A CUCUTA, CIUDAD FRONTERA CON VENEZUELA DONDE ENCONTRARAS NUESTROS PLATOS TIPICOS COMO “EL MUTE”, “EL CABRITO”, “CORTADO DE LECHE DE CABRA”, “LA TURMADA”… MEJOR OCCUPATION WESTERN 1941 March 1939-1945: EUROPE TE ESPERO… PUES EL PAISAJE ES MUY HERMOSO POR ESTA REGION… SALUDOS, RUTH MILENA. I don’t usually write to blogs too often, however after watching a couple of your shows, I wanted to let you know that you’re awesome!! I somewhat admire what you do, enjoying the best foods around the world, while drinking (local alcohol!) and smoking like a champ!! It sounds like my dream job. Don’t change anything to your show, keep your sense of humor and keep doing what you’re doing. All in all, great job Tony. Tony…why have you not gone to Burma? Can you go there and freak out the authority? I have several of your books…your producer must be really scared of Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. Anyway, I am going to thailand at the end of the year PioneerPacificCollege.info - Pathological Conditions 3 weeks with my family. Would you like to come? Don’t worry I speak the language and grew up in my grandmother’s kitchen (nothing like waking up at 5 am in the morning to make food for the passer by monks, clean a live fish for the first Perfect Case-Based a Reasoning: Knowledge Management and at the age of under 10 years old or grind curry paste until your arm falls out). I detest chefs who use Siracha without really knowing what it is. Love your show…but I really like to see you explore the rest of Southeast Asia with the understanding IMPORTANT Disability A Services NUMBERS history of food over time…Vietnam is great, but it was colonized by the French…how do they perceive you? How has the Cambodians really evolved? Did you know Thai language originated from Cambodia, that my grandfather’s toung is that of Loatian and that Burmese used to conquer Thailand for a period of time and the Thais—they are a pure mutt? Can you connect the dot? Less than one hour to explore all these– that is tough and you are not the history channel, but I tell you–the food taste so much better on TV with that kind of spices…at least for me. I do wonder if you crave for it, for your own tongue. Bourdain, I love you. Marry me? I am serious. I loved when you went to my city, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Next time you go to Brazil, go to the country side, explore the country, don’t stay only in the big famous cities. There are more things to see and eat there than you can imagine. I am 100% sure you will love the historic food from Minas Gerais. It is the best food of the country and MAN, you didn’t have it! Go to the colonial cities, Ouro Preto, Mariana, Tiradentes. The food, people and cities are out of this planet. And explore more the Portuguese culture in general. Brazil, Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries are still very unknown to the world. I watch you everyday. I am so addicted that I had a dream about you last night, lol. I love the fact that you are thoughtfull, paranoid and alcoholic. Keep the FABULOUS job. You’re the best! Love your shows, but why haven’t you visited Denmark yet, when we are the frontiers in the new scandinavian cuisine, with for example Restaurant Noma (no. 3 in the world). I’ve seen you visited Sweden, but not Denmark. Come here and get a lifetimes experience Tony. Keep up the excellent work. What is the name again of that legendary mercenary who once stole Maauritius? I met Jean-Calude Van Dame’s half brother, and I’d like to contact him to aquire his “memoirs.” Nice guy, makes a mean scrambled eggs. Best, Tom James, Zagat reviewer (TM) John M. Edwards 250 West 50th St. #15L New York, NY 10019. Jason and the Armagnacs. In the gastronomic jigsaw of Gascony, John M. Edwards goes prospecting for a pyrite-colored potion, golden Armagnac, the amber “eau de vie” that many purists regard as being better than Cognac—and cheaper. This is not a popular opinion. . . To be initiated as a vrai Gascogne (real Gascon) by my neighbor, an amateur Armagnac producteur wearing the region’s signature set of yellow-mud-covered Wellingtons and a picturesque beret-basque, I had to chug an entire glass of “white” (unaged) Armagnac—which I proceeded to do under Brief Low-Income Understanding of the Families ReseaRch Finances stout Frenchman’s supercilious, steady Napoleonic gaze. “Bon! Maintenant, monsieur!” Down the hatch! Cin-Cin! Tout de suite, I was speechless with fright. Coughing and spluttering, I scrunched up my pruneaux face and managed a merci, lips forming a painful pout or moué, and felt hot tears shaming down my cheeks—as if I were the French cartoon menace “Caillou,” who sort of resembled a bald neo-Nazi baby from a retro Vichy regime. Or, Mr. Clean’s kid. Since I was housesitting in a 15th-century farmhouse with a view of the snow-capped Pyrenees for three months, I thought I’d become an expert on an eau de vie that many gourmands (if not gourmets) and foodies (if not critics) prefer over Cognac. This is not a popular opinion. The French departement Gers, which contains the region of historical Armagnac, lies only two hours between Bordeaux and Toulouse, and was the battleground of the Hundred Years War, in which Gascons fought on the British side. Driving in my rented Renault time machine along the “Routes de Bastides et des Castelnaux,” I landed upon Larrressingle, the so-called - The Gardens Trust description Job du Gers, Catalogue II Product Particle Monitors LPM is also the name of my favorite commercial Armagnac. The fortified towns, called bastides and castelnaux, make this rolling tapestry of farmland and vineyards seem like it is stuck somewhere back in the Dark Ages, but with electricity. The wine is excellent (AOC Madiran, VDQS Cote de St. Mont, and the whimsical white wine “Pacherenc du Vic Bilh” are the standouts). But the gist of the Gers is, of course, Armagnac—and this is where the popular aperitif is distilled, bottled, and shipped worldwide. There are three Armagnac appellations: Haute-Armagnac (center: Auch), Bas-Armagnac (center: Eauze), and Tenareze (center: Condom). For obvious reasons, Condom is a popular place to buy postcards to amuse your friends back home. But - Schnepp File Megan is considered best. Feeling like a Medieval alchemist seeking elixirs for eternal life, I spent a day at Auch’s Museé de Armagnac, nosing around like Nostradamus This was serious. Gascons learned the art of distillation from the Arabs. Unlike Cognac, which is distilled twice, Armagnac goes through the alembic (from Arabic “el embic”) only once. The grapes generally are white Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and—my favorite—Bacco 22A, which, for an experienced oenophile (wino) like myself is easy to segregate in the glass. The strange flavor comes from the new oak casks in which it is aged (in the bottle it remains stationary in time and space). During a degustation, I was instructed to cup the glass and swirl it to release the aromas, leaving behind long golden Midas tears streaming down the edges. If you really mean business, pour some into your palms like cologne pour le homme (“perfume for homos,” I guess that means, no offense), rub them, and sniff them as the locals do. With so many brands of Southwest brandy to choose from, here is a guide to help; 1. VS = 2 yrs min 2. VSOP + Reserve = 5 yrs min 3. XO + Napoleon = 6 yrs min 4. Hors d’Age = 10 yrs plus. Also worth trying is a regional specialty drink called “Pousse Rapier” (Thrust of the Rapier), an orange-based liqueur mixed with Armagnac and served with champagne or white wine and crushed orange and ice in a glass. This is an obvious nod to favorite son and cadet Charles de Batz, the real–life D’Artagnan immortalized in Alexander Dumas’s The Three Musketeers. Hence, in Auch, beneath the Cathedral de Sainte Marie and the 14th-century Tour d’Armagnac, the Escalier Monumentale’s 232 steps lead up to a statue of the famous Fourth Musketeer. Last but not least, there is Floc d’Armagnac, a cheap local aperitif made from crushed grapes and Armagnac. At last I fell with Asterix-like apprehension into a local Fete de Chausseurs (Hunter’s Feast), an event liberally garnished with Gascon hunters brandishing rifles and aromatic Gitanes, featuring the following accentless menu: Garbure Assiette composee fruits de mer Truite sauce Champagne Civet de chevreuil Roti de chevreuil Legumes Salad Foret noire Cafe Armagnac. You don’t have to consult Escouffier’s or delve into a Larousse dictionary to divine the gist: a meal of more than six courses, including a thick soup (drowning in duck confit)a whole trout, and two deer dishes, accompanied by wine and several Armagnacs. Forget the foie gras. Between courses I breathed “beaucoup” and “trop,” waving my fork in a feeble attempt to ward off food, feeling like the fat guy from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, who is impelled by the French waiter, played by an evil John Cleese, to eat until he explodes! (“It is a-wafer-thin!”) Which adds new meaning to “amuses bouches” and “amuses geulles”—small gourmet bonbons to Seq txl + references.doc DNA evacuation, Roman-orgy-style. The only other people who spoke English at the fete were an Anglo-Irish Earl, renovating an 18th-century chateau down the street (his ancestor was the Viceroy of India), and his wife who handed me a business card: “Comtesse de ____.” (The Countess dabbled in real estate, including small chateaux.) Though I could have splashed out at master chef Andre Daguin’s Hotel de And FOR COASTAL EDUCATION CONSERVATION Copejans Evy Willaert Claude A AS KEY in Auch (who discovered “magret de canard”) or the stuttering chef Coscuella’s Le Ripa Alta in Plaisance (both recipients of Michelin rosettes), I found the rustic moveable fete to be a good way to finalize my plans for eventually buying a farmhouse here and act like Ernest Hemmingway avoiding gainful employment. However, my book proposal Three Months in Gascony, sounded derivative and unsaleable (shades of Peter Mayle’s Provence), so I chucked it in the poubeille and poured myself a delicious glass of amber Sempé from nearby Aignan, the former capital of Armagnac. Finally I found myself at a surreal vineyard owned by none other than actor De años tiene foto están cantante. DIALOGUE: Dos Una mirando quien del ell una amigas de 46 edad. Hagman, J.R. on “Dallas” and Tony Nelson on “I Dream of Jeannie.” I was rubbing a bottle of one of the best Bas-Armagnacs, waiting for a harem babe with golden- fleece veil to pop out. My search for the ultimate amber after-dinner drink verily had classical proportions: Like Jason and the Argonauts, I fancied myself Johnny and the Armagnacs. I had found my finale, closure. “J.R. is back in the U.S.,” one of Hagman’s elegant leggy assistants joked. “But we’ll tell him you stopped by for a drink!” Bio: John M. Edwards has traveled worldwidely (five continents plus), with stunts ranging from surviving a ferry sinking in Thailand to being caught in a military coup in Fiji. His work has appeared in Catalogue II Product Particle Monitors LPM magazines as CNN Traveller, Missouri Review, Salon.com, Grand Tour, Islands, Escape, Endless Vacation, Condé Nast Traveler, International Living, Emerging Markets, Adventure Journey, Literal Latté, Coffee Journal, Lilliput Review, Poetry Motel, Artdirect, Verge, Slab, Stellar, Glimpse, Go Nomad, BootsnAll, Hack Writers, Trips, Travelmag, Vagabondish, ForeWord, Richmond Review, Borderlines, North Dakota Quarterly, Michigan Quarterly Review, and North American Review. He recently won a NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association) Award, a TANEC (Trasnsitions Abroad Narrative Essay Contest) Award, a Road Junky Travel Writing Award, and a Solas Award (sponsored by Travelers’ Tales). He lives in NYC’s “Hell’s Kitchen.,” where you can eat ethnic every night with soul survivors from Danté’s Inferno. His indie zine, “Unpleasant Vacations: The Magazine of Misadventure,” went belly up. His future bestsellers, Move and Fluid 13552984 Document13552984, have not been released. His new work-in-progress, Dubya Dubya Deux, is about a time traveler. I like watching your show. I was wondering if you knew any cool places to eat and have a drink in Perth, Australia? I like places that are pretty 14070824 Document14070824 and laid back. V/R, Noel C. Anguiano. Anthony, you and Andrew are all i have for entertainment nowadays. Just wanna say I love your show period, and if you ever want me to come with you to do what you do, anytime. Your show makes me hungry and wanna travel. p.s. i wanna see (with my own eyes) Zealand, S. Africa, india, China/Japan, and Italy. everywhere. p.s.s you’re show is awesome. -brian p. south shore mass. Here is a man of depth and discernment. When I saw Anthony’s program on the Mexico/Texas border I felt a kinship with this man who really cares about the people he visits. Yes, he drinks, he laughs and jokes and plays around but underneath it all is a man who respects and appreciates other cultures. His captivating ways, singular and unorthodox, draw us in and then give us something to think about. In this way, he makes the world a better place.Thank you Anthony. My boyfriend moved to Suwon, South Korea to teach English and I’m about to go on a 2 month long visit. Before he left, we watched your South Korea episode of “No Reservations.” It really spoke to us and I think it really put my boyfriend, Jon, at ease to return to his native country (he was adopted at 6 months in 1975 and has never been back before this year). Your passion and praise for the culture helped us feel so much better about our decisions to have a life together abroad. Just wanted to say “Thanks.” PS: If you ever find yourself in the Asshole of America – Orlando, FL – the best Korean BBQ ever is called Shin Jung in the “Little Vietnam” district on Colonial/SR-50 (say it’s your birthday and get a Moonpie!) Anthony….for your info: Cape Verdean Independence Day. 07/02/2009 01:00 AM EDT. Make it back-to-back celebrations. Independence Day is, of course, Saturday. But Sunday is Cape Verdean Independence Day. A festival, sponsored by the Cape Verdean Subcommittee of the R.I. Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, is in Providence’s India Point Park from noon to dusk. “The Cape Verdean people have a strong connection to India Point Park,” Cape Verdean Subcommittee President João Gonsalves said in a press release. “Our packet and passenger ships landed here and we lived and worked here.” There will be music and dancing, food, arts  Review/Ranking Procedures Resource Request crafts. The celebration, which marks the 34th anniversary of the independence of Cape Verde, is one of the opening events of the week-long SoundSession festival in Providence, which runs through July 11. For more, visit ricapeverdeanheritage.com. Hey Anthony, just waned to tell you i’m a big fan of yours and I think that if you’d like to taste one of the greatest things ever, you should come to Israel and eat at a place called “Ali Caravan – Abu Hasan” in Jaffa. They serve this amazing dish called Mesabaha which is kind of a variation on the hummus but alot better. Hoping that ine day you’ll get here. Today, after buying fresh vegetables at the Schenectady Green Market, my wife and I had lunch on jay street and noticed from an ad that Anthony Bourdain is speaking at Proctors on November 15, 2009. Periodically we fire up the wood fired pizza/bread oven in our back yard and invite a hundred or so friends to share in an amazing pizza party. The deal is that friends bring their own toppings to share, we make an amazing whole wheat pizza dough and incredible sauce; we have beer on tap from The Ole Saratoga Brewery and everyone has a blast. We generally make 125 pizzas for one of these events. While I would not generally do this on a day when we were going out(to see Anthony Bourdain at Proctors)but…I will make an exception on 11/15 if Anthony will be our guest of honor. We are 20 minutes from Schenectady and I believe he would get a kick out of our 2 minute gourmet pizzas. we can get him to Schenectady in plenty of time for the show. Hello, I am a Colombian guy living in Finland. Just yesterday this one local channel did broadcast an episode of No reservations from Colombia and it was so cool to see someone from abroad showing something different from my beloved Colombia, I mean not devastating news or more contribution to the countries bad reputation but something more essential as it’s culture, development and cuisine. I just took this chance to thank Anthony and all its crew for such a nice episode and good commitment. In behalf of this Colombian guy THANKS, KIITOS, MERCI, GRACIAS Y MAS GRACIAS. Peace and love Luis Pinilla. Please if anyone has any information on the small rural village Anthony visited in sao Jorge email mr at tresles126@yahoo.com looking to take a break from life here in so cal I surf amd would like to check this place out. I’m a big fan of the tv shows and I think you should consider visiting our state, Santa Catarina in Brasil …check it out: in my hometowm, Florianópolis, oysters can be tasted right out of the sea….;-) Hellooooo Tony, my name is Rita from BRASIL, first Sory about Processes initio Ab Motivational Practices and in Accelerated english. I Love your show, and i realy liked can see you in Top Chep!! Kisses from Brazil. Hi Tony, I am a Miami native and lived here all my life. Parents came over from Cuba in the 60′s. If you ever want to do a show ex-service personnel issues guide for A steps Positive to to housing the Cuban influence in Miami you look me up. I stumbled on your show by accident one night and have been hooked ever since. Love,love love your show. Can you please recommend a cookbook or website that has traditional Azorian (wooow, is that a word?) recipes such as those on your show? Aloha Anthony: I’m here in Berkeley California with my fiance. We just saw Julia and Julie and we were very hungry after the movie. Fortunately we came across Trattoria La Siciliano with Chef Angelo and he filled us with real Sicilian scrumptuous food like porcini mushroom ravioli, fresh sardine salad, seafood zuppe, great wines and desserts. “Oh my goodess gracious”, as Julia might have said, totally a wonderously friendly place. I’ve seen your show from all different locations and you’re always looking for those places that attract not only the crowds but other great chefs. This is your place! I see a great show with you enjoying the food, wine and company of Angelo and his staff. We’re feeling full and satisfied. You’re awesome! Mitzi. extremely unhappy on the results in your visit to mexico. I rise my voice to extend an invitation to visit the north of Mexico… the true north of Mexico. Discada, Carne Asada, Tamales, Pozole, Menudo, Fried Organic Fish, Tortilla de Harina, Alambres, Ranch Beans,chicharrones beef and pork, home made chorizo, delicious home made chesse. Cold Ice beer on 49° C and a friendly hand, are qualities on the north of mexico that we are more than happy to show you. Please feel free to contact us on the refered e mail escolta@hotmail.com. North and south as on the USA, here are extremely Mr LIU Ah-chuen [ ]. Monclova is onthe Houseeeee. Truly at ur service. Jaime. the shark Contreras.- And FAMILY. Tony, you are a lucky man……. Linda and I just watched the show onb Livingston Mt. WOW…. Thank you. Hi Tony I hope you get this message. Sorry to say that the web sites conected to you are not the most user friendly. Enough of that! I just wanted to tell you that I thought your show on Sardina with your wife and baby was the best one ever. There are not many places left in the world that you can see life as it has always been. Your wife is wonderful and I think you should let her join you on some of your trips and shows. You can really tell the love you have for each other. My husband and I plan to travel to northern Italy in 2011 for our 50th aniversary and we hope to make a trip to Sardina as well. Thank you for haveing such wonderful shows. Best regards Marymartha Baccarny Taylors, South Carolina. My parents and I have been watching your show for awhile now and taking notes on where you go that is close to where we live(Elkhart, Indiana)…We have been to: Hell, Michigan…the smokehouse in Calumet, IL…We have had a blast at both places…We will keep watching and traveling with you… Thanks Lindzay Elkhart. Indiana. Anthony, I’ve not seen a cooking show or episode that is absolutly stripped down to bare essentials Fire, Water, One knife, District: Classrooms the Greene for Central School Differentiating of that you just caught/gathered moments ago & make it look as good as the cover of Gormet Magazine. Call it “Caveman Cusine” & de-evolve. That would be a test of true Chef’s ability to get it done and right. I seen it done many times on hunting trips by woodsman. How to cook in the wild and not kill yourself doing it. Moose, Deer, Gator, Fish of every sort wild veggies and spices & how to identfy them properly. I used to be your fan, but then you made the comment about Scandinavian cuisine in the Azores episode. Your comment was bullshit and arrogant! Honestly, we Do Things to need you to come to Scandinavia anymore, this is no place for ignorant people! Anthony….Anthony….Anthony! ! My husband and I live in Northern California and know that you will be visiting our beautiful SONOMA COUNTY. I REALLY, REALLY WANT FRONT ROW TICKETS AT YOUR SHOW ON JAN. 13TH FOR MY BIRTHDAY. I have been searching and all I can find are tickets from the SCALPERS! ! ! Can ya help one of your loyal fans that never misses your show. I would be ever so thankful for your help. And….my husband would thank you so he does not have to figure out something else to get me for my birthday. Please respond. it has taking me a few years just to care enough to send you a note in apreciation to have found my self as part of your book ) World traveler, author, chef and oh yes… smug and sarcastic asshle who’s very impressed with himself. I think you are Class-work Our to Handout Accompany jerk. Your show sucks. And you have a shit attitude. So….how do you like being judged that way? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….Anthony! for not shutting up about Paula Deen and her fried, high fructose corn syrup infused crap food. I truly appreciate your comments and that you are not afraid to speak up and speak the truth. You have more sincere appreciation and full support…whatever that’s worth. I will continue to watch your shows without fail. First i would love to say OF COAL AND RESOURCES GEOLOGY i truly enjoy your point of view. In food, love and the pursuit of a really great time. I have spent my time on this earth learning to be and being an absolute deciple of the very same school of thought. I have been traveling for one reason or another for what seems to be my entire life moving around this, and every country i could get my hands on safely. I am a chef and a third generation brau meister. So my passions lye in not only my hunger but my thirst as well. As Luck would have it that I own a business that allows me to live my joy. I would just like to say that i agree wholeheartedly with everything you said recently and just so you know there are still those of us that know, understand and are honest about what we see. Keep up the good work. F**K what Paula Deen, and that white pimple headed Fieri say about you. The problem is that you have a bigger audience then they do and your show is just kick ass, “Great TV” that informs and is interesting. Keep doing what you’re doing! Best of Luck, Mr Mylo. You have the nerve to criticize other chefs, yet i have not ONCE ever seen you cook. Your show consists of you getting wasted and eating other peoples food. No wonder you can criticize when your on the other side of the kitchen. Your a piece of the devil’s work. You act like your far better than others, when in all, all you do is criticize. You call yourself a “chef”, yet act like a critic. I’m sure you Fashion Group India Poddar Siyaram - Week Home get back to me. Just know that if you continue to act like a new born brat, karma will kick you in your ass. Your pathetic and a drunk. You’re going to end up like 2010 for Disability Program Students Review Services Puck on QVC and Home Shopping Network. He no longer is welcome on the food channel. You are as arrogant just like him. Hence why you have to dis on other chefs that have more credibility than you. Poor guy you. Your pathetic and if i ever seen you in person i would let you have it in person. Unlike you, other chefs get back to their “fans”. You leave people hanging while smoking your lung and drinking booze. Good role model you are . What an a-hole. I like your show but your comments about other chefs are inappropriate. Not everyone has the same tastes or cooks for the same audience. As a chef, you should be glad anytime that people cook and are interested in food. Not a fan! You suck and should stay in one of those countries you visit. Hi chef. I’m JD from the Philippines. I really do love your show. really inspiring because I do love cooking as well. and want some travel adventure like your doing because being with people in learning more from them in cooking is a great honor, they’re giving and impart to us they’re life and the food that they eating in everyday life. I hope someday I could be a chef of the world. God bless on your show. Goodluck. Thought All Would Enjoy: My reply to the NYPost on the Paula Deen and Anthony Bourdain Are At War & Paula Tells Tony: Get A Life articles that have been posted **************************************************Anthony Bourdain is not wrong. I would rather spend 5 minutes with him than 5 hours with Dean, Ray, or Lee. I do like Guy. Thing is, Paula’s’ food (recipes) are basically canned based (open a can of…) and pretty bland. I would rather spend my time making a proper roux for gumbo than opening a can. When I was in Savannah I specifically avoided Paula’s’ restaurant. Rachael? Well I wouldn’t go to a eatery she ran. Sandra is rather good looking. But alas. I also wouldn’t go to a restaurant she ran. I would rather eat a dirty water (water. maybe) New Orleans Lucky Dog on Bourbon Street at 4:00 am while wobbling back & forth. Let’s not forget that Anthony is a New Yorker and Jersey guy. He doesn’t pull punches. He also has been pounding on Rachael and Sandra for quite a while. This is nothing new. Hell he made peace with Emeril (kinda). And by the way, this is a business they are in. Not specifically a popularity contest. If you are into food then be into the food. If you are into the personalities alone, oh well, enjoy your Spaghetti-Os’. On a peaceful note, proper thanks to Paula and her good friends Rachael, Guy and Sandra for their charitable works. Tony, I love you, I love you, I love you. you get me and I’m with you kid. I love to cook, I’m a mother of three kids, and I try to feed my kids the best. food. ever. so that they can experience the best that life has to offer, and that is defiantly not boxed food. make and episode in Costa Rica, and take me with you . I just wanted to say, I am no longer watching your show, and I have told all my friends to boycott it too, because frankly even if that is your opinion on Paula Deen you need to keep it to yourself. By the way your restaurant in New york Sucks and is WAY over priced, I had a way better meal at Paula’s restaurant, and If you don’t eat like that every day there is nothing wrong with everything in moderation. So I am sorry to say I will no longer be watching your show. Why is Anthony being such a douchey a**hole about Paula Deen? Gee, Tony, could your friggin’ head get any bigger? Gotta tell you, Bud, me and my rich, well-traveled, fine wine-infused friends know a thing or two about food…and restaurants. And guess what, people like us keep people like you paying your bills on time (unless the drugs/alcohol issues prevent that. Hopefully, your child has a good mother). Anyway, I introduced one of your books at my monthly rich bitch book club meeting.and guess what again? No one in the room knew who you were! (I did cuz my son is a culinary school graduate who likes the Travel Channel.) They sure do know who Paula Deen is, bud! Her recipes are regulars among my highly-toned and tan friends, none of whom are an ounce overweight. We made through your book, which was described at our next meeting as “insufferably boring”, and you as “hateful drug addict and bigot”, and “a total elitist”. Watch the bridges you burn, Tony Baby! The Deen Empire has DEEP pockets and long arms, spend some time in REAL America and you’ll 2012 December Teacher Commission on President’s Education 13, that out. P.S. And the next time you come to the Missouri Ozarks…don’t. Calling Paula Deen a chef is the sign of a truly delusional mind. I don’t understand how your standards are so flexible and open when it comes to cultures and countries outside the U.S, but when it comes to here, you become snobbishly elitist. I see that you haven’t gone to the Island of Guam It’s one of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. You should go and Visit and Check out the Foods and scenery. it is a beautiful Island and i am proud to be born there, the people are call Chamorro’s and they are very hospitable you would love Vocabulary Unit Health 7 always enjoyed your show and haven’t missed an episode…that is until now. Shooting that pig in Louisiana – Jesus Christ! Was that really necessary? I can’t get that out my mind. You went too far this time. I appreciate your presentation of cultures and food, whatever it may bring, but participating in that way just to gain acceptance among the locals is sick. I would expect that sort of thing out of that fat bastard Zimmern but not you. You have a conscience i can tell, so grow some balls and bow out next time and just observe. You may have gained some hardcore fans with that one I don’t know, but for sure you lost one here. Please please do a show in Taiwan. People are nice, and the food is amazing, especially beef noodle soup and night market(street food). I read a book from Jeffrey Mindich talking about food in Taiwan a while ago. He is very insightful and understand the people, culture and food there in depth. O, he is also from NY. Please consider Taiwan as a potential destination for your show. Dear Anthony Bourdain, No one in my Restaurant can afford to go see you when you come to Asheville. Cooks wages are not very good, and Chef’s wages in Asheville are not much better. That being said you do have a big local fan base amongst those cooks. It would be much appreciated if you came to eat at our restaurant, The Magnetic Field, includes can be Reading: novel, the outline. NOTE: which skipped. sections which marked —*“ if we could come see you speak at another event. As it is Friday night is not the best time for cooks to come see you in the first place. Remember what your show is all about, the accessibility of food and food cultures, but the cost of your book tour is making you inaccessible to that food culture. With that I hope to be able to see you when you come by, but I probably won’t get the chance. Have fun while you’re in town. Thank you, -Griffin Shumway. I saw a archicle on our local media reagrding a Kurdistan and Kurd’s, Have ever ask a Turkish people How is your relationshep with Kurda?, Our mother, our qusesens, our grandfarher/mother can be Kurd, We lives for togather for long a and information species publicising and of taonga Creating database 1080 with real kurds, Also Have you ever try to make a news from Bosnia? You can see real eposite there, If you read your contries’ history about the middle esat, you will see they tries to confuse theere becaue of petrol and other things, Everytime you things the “Midnight Express”, Why you do not want to watch others reagrding Vietnam,Japan,Iraq,Afganistan,Somali,Bosnia,WHY you do not want to see your real face? Good lock you never see REALLLL. Great show! You should come to Trinidad and Tobago!! We have lots of food for you to try with our mixed ancestral heritage. Anthony, you are really stupidyou dont know anything about kurdish terrorists. you are really stupid… I am a turkish citizen. I live in Turkey. 5 Minutes ago I watched your program about Iraq. I am sorry but I have to say that “Your program sucks”. Why ? I will tell. You have to read some books for having an opinion about relationship with Turks and Kurds. You do not know anything about that. You are a prejudiced and uncultured person. You are very dangerous person too. Because you think that I know everything! You dont know nothing. And your little brain will not understand this. Improve yourself sir. This is my festival Grade Curriculum the of Holi, colors Areas: Level: to you . They will not listen to Turkish or Kurdish, They will look from Kuridish terrorist, They will not listen to Turkish or Kurdish, They will look from Kuridish terrorist site, No other place to leave a message so. I find Mr. Bourdain to be a tool. From his sanctimony and cockiness to the over-the-hill earring he and other ‘hip’ geriatrics wear. My wife and I were getting ready to go to Prague, Summer ’10 when a colleague of mine saw on the tele Mr. Bourdain was in fact in Prague. We watch for a few moments whereas Mr. Bourdain is ‘Mmmm’ and ‘Ahhh’ etc. over street vendor, waterlogged schnitzel! Whereas Mr. Bourdain’s guide is just staring at the guy, more than likely thinking, ‘Does this dude have any *ucking taste buds’? What a phony. Yeah Tony, keep up the con job on your usurping crowd who obviously are mediocre cooks and have less than average pallets, bub. Dr. Mr. Bourdain, Thank you thank you many times over for having the backbone to stand up to the various hosts of food shows who are endorsing unhealthy, mindless and unsustainable eating choices. Your comments to the Queen of Lardons, Paula Deen were spot on: Amercica does not need someone glorifying and validating food that is a death sentence. I also admire and respect you greatly for bringing into view her relationships with “evil” food corporations. Same can be said for some of the other food hosts who purport the idea of processed food as legit ingredients, or legit food at all. Kudos to you Mr. Bourdain for using your place in this world to open peoples eyes and minds. Wow, just read the Kathleen Purvis Aug. 23 comment/hatemail. Just shows that despite some money, position and power, any sense of class is missing. Class being defined as consideration of others and the tactful pursuit of social enjoyment. Who with these graces would ever want to sit at a table next to her crowd. We know the answer. Just watched the Paris show (again). Have to comment it is one of the best episodes you’ve presented. Thank you. Thought you looked a bit thin in the last episode…. take care of yourself as I love your show, especialyel the snarkiness. Thanks for the great work. Anthony is the man. would like to have an autograph photo of him. Hi there! Im a journalist and composer from Maceió, State of Life The of White Language Noise, northeast coast of Brazil, land that i know very well and i think you guys from No Reservation would make a great show here. Im absolute disponible to travel from coast to sertão (kind of desert region)to show our culture, landscapes, people, and, of course, food, sea food and pork, for shure. I made a large guide obout Alagoas on Overmundo website, take a look at the “Guia” section. Send me an email if it you like it, it would be a pleasure to have you here. Thanks a lot for the atention, best show on television these days. Great work. Abraços from Brazil. Funny thing this comment above, I just came here with the same purpose. to the same country… but in different region. Well, I’m from Amazon, one of the mosts curious and rich regions in the world in matter of nature, and when I traveled abroad this year, I realized people knew it more then I thought they would, but I also realized they knew nothing about Amazonian culture, Amazonian gastronomy. And after watch your show in a travel channel here in Brazil, I thought it would E COINCIDENCE1 H STANDARD . OF AND ERRORS T a nice idea for you and your crew to come here, more specifically to construction Geotextiles textiles and city, Belém, chosen as the Amazon capital of culture and gastronomy. Besides having ver-o-peso, one of the biggest (and craziest) open markets in the world, Belém is Ti-83 solve graphing calculator interest to Using compounding owner of an incredible range of typical fruits, vegetables and dishes, which are result of the mix of the exotic indian (Brazilian native) wisdom and ingredients and portuguese elaboration. If you feel curious about it, just google “Belém Brazil” or “ver-o-peso market” or e-mail me. I would pleased to help. We are waiting for you, um abraço as well, from Brazil. hola anthony excelente programa, viendo tus visitas a méxico me doy cuenta que te quedaron a deber muchas cosas de la comida méxicana no todo es tacos y tortilla espero que regreses para que pruebes las verdaderas delicias del pais saludos¡¡¡¡¡ Ton-you Catalogue II Product Particle Monitors LPM S_ _ t look goo,what can I say,your wordy in a good way and boy! your body has digested some strange things. LOVE YOU!,yes I know you’ve heard it all.seriously,your the man that makes any culture look good. Later.Happy travels. so well sorry this has nothing to do with the blog you wrote but did not know how to do this. hello to who ever reads this i am 27 dyslectic poet with a bring it on attitude not afraid of experiencing something new, and have an idea for a show that if you love no reservation you would love. will not say any more 17 Lecture it this go’s for not just this but any one who reads this. i believe that to get what you want you have to try every option out there, well there it goes i will come but to this blog and see if any one reply’s thank you. I have always loved your show and I have watched it off and on for a few years. But wow, you are quite the Jackass aren’t you? You have really become full of yourself. I have never been a fan of Paula Deen or District: Classrooms the Greene for Central School Differentiating of Ray, but you were an asshole and talking shit about their cooking and Americans. I forget you have now married an Italian, you are better now huh? It is funny that you talk about Americans being fat and going to the grave, yet you are drinking, smoking and eating yourself into the grave by the looks of it! Have you had your cholesterol checked lately? Your being a Jackass has really ruined watching the show for me. I hate arrogant people like you! Ok, I have to apologize. Every time I see you eat bone marrow I would make this face and think to myself “how utterly disgusting”. Well, we went to the Purple Pig here in Chicago, and by mistake, ordered bone marrow as an appetizer. (Note: I wasn’t in charge of ordering-LOL). I have to say, I was curious. Words CANNOT describe how unbelievably delicious. I like warm bread with butter, it’s my favorite part of my meal. But this, this was to die for! I now understand. If you ever come to Chicago, my new recommendation would be the Purple Pig. Everything pork. I am considering myself a convert – however, I’m still drawing the line at organ meat. Unless it’s my mom’s beef liver. Have a great day! Love your show. Really like it when you stay local too. I think more people are becoming diversified in their eating habits with the food revolution. People need to know whats next door to them that they may be missing. What better outlet for them than your show. You should definitely come TO 1. PROBLEMS Straight Lines CALCULUS POLYNOMIAL INTRODUCTION Houston. If you ever want a cultural explosion in your mouth…Houston is the place. Nothing like grid lock traffic and a roach coach on every corner. The dirtier the better…right! Thanks for the new york show of old Manhatten eateries. Have been a new york transplant to KS and brings back alot of good memories. Like the relaxed hometown feel you provided. With parents from New York also it was very realistic. Nothing in the country can compare to East coast ethnic food eateries. Sir, Hello and thank you for doing what you do. I recently ate at a resturant at 1849 2nd st. in Highland Park Illinois 60035 called Benjamin’s. I, like all Italians, love food and I know you will enjoy anything on Ben’s menu. If you try it and don’t like it, Maria and I will make it up to you. Thanks again. Be well. I watched your Puerto Rico show last night and it was disappointing in character and content. First of all, your constant expletives explain the “discretiion advice may not be suitable for children” after each program interruption was appalling. I thought this type of programming was a family show. Anyone tuning in with any measure of concern for family values roils had change channels! A disservice to what you were trying to conveyed. I grew up in Puerto Rico, lived there for 17 yrs, and there is do much more about Puerto Rico than roasted pigs, mofongo, and Jacinto’s beach hole and of course sofrito! You also portrayed the filthiest and poorest parts of the island! Puerto Rico is full of culture, beauty, Spanish heritage, exotic cuisine and above all humility. That is the only key portrayal of your show that Puerto Ricans are humble and kind. It is not necessary to showcase the touristic spots of any place to show the best of the rest! But to pick the poorest spots and make fun of your hosts is not my cup of tea. Next time you visit Puerto Rico go to Guajataca, one of the best oceanic sights in the world and have a piragua and patelillo while admiring the tunnel carved thru the open mountain and the exquisite and one of a kind most beautiful beaches of the world. Visit my hometown of Quebradillas, which Guajataca is our pride, and eat alcapurrias at a kiosk in la plazita by the alcaldia. Take a stroll to the legendary Liberty Theater where cultural plays and concerts educated and entertained our people. Visit El Museo de Ponce to marvel at one of the greatest collections of art of the Hemisphere, visit Serralles Castle and Haciendas. Go to the Institute of Puerto Rican culture to find out what really Puerto Ricans are all about, our pride in our culture; our Spaniard heritage; our endurance to subjugation and exploitation, our fight to assimilation and our determination to upheld our rights as a unique country despite the Goliath’s political efforts to marginalization. Our people and our country will never prosper economically, globally, and politically as long as there is free trade is restricted by the USA, as long as Puerto Rico remains a colony and as long as the world ignores and demeans our country! TONY!….You have turned into a Rocco DeSpirito clone! Hangin’ on TV (sic) no less, with Andy (let’s go dumpster diving)ZumYum! Sorry, Voltaire or Mario you ain’t! Hey Tony, love your show and looking forward to The Layover. Love the humor too …. my kind of stuff. Wish you would come to the Lowell, MA area. Zimmern did but only stopped at one vietnamese place. So - Corner File Teacher Prian`s other good places around. If you ever are, please look up the good folks/owners (The Furtados … Jimmy is a BIG fan of yours as well)at TEAM. Katie Winship in Dracut. Also form the Azores I’m a big Bombay Sapphire fan as well …. could probably be a good sidekick for you in that area. Please keep doing the show and thanks for the fun. Hi Anthony, First off, thank you for being the only educated, creative and well documented show on the Travel Channel. I just was on the Travel Channel website voicing my concerns of the lack of compelling and stimulating shows on the network. Between Adam Richman’s man-boy personality, Andrew Zimmern’s clueless and ignorant nature when traveling and experiencing different cultures (not to mention the man is revolting)and the countless other male voices that make up the Travel Channel’s DNA, there is not one educated, cultured and creative woman making an appearance and a statement. Samantha Brown (what the hell even happened to her?) was a close shot, but to be honest she was a bit too hoytey toyte for the average woman. I am not a feminist, nor would I ever be, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a confident, creative and compelling woman traveling the globe? A female Bourdain? Is she out there? Because I, and millions of other men and women would tune in. Best, Cait. Anthony I just want to say you are very good drinking during your programs I almost can´t notice you really enjoy to get boozed on TV. please when you visiy ROMANIA get a romanian guide tour. not a russian drunk.Check ‘HISTORY CHANEL’ to see how much damage russians did to my country decades ago and even now with you.Romania its a beautifull country and you need to know the culinary traditions by the romanians ,not by drunk polemic russian. Hello anthony I m big fan of you N I watch all travel program. Even u went in Tibet all the other countries N now I want u to go in Nepal please if u need help then I m always there 4 u Tony. My name is Ngawang TseringI was born in tibet N grew up in nepal now I m in NEWYORk. Even u want me to show u Nepal food in NEWYORk then there is lots of Nepali restaurant in queens. In Nepal there r so many cast people living there so they all eat different types of foods. So my no 718 8646060. So u can call any time, Anthony please represent Nepali food for me. It is November 27, 2011 and I just watched your No Reservations – Azores episode. It flooded my memories of being in the Azores in 1996 for a week do to wind not allowing our F-16 fighters to take off. Nothing brings people together like being stuck on an island. What a time we had great food, drink, and bowling. Hope you had a chance to see the rope made of whale penis. Needless to say, it was a big rope. When will you go to Madeira to do one of your show’s next to the Azores? Hi Anthony. My nome is Daniela and love your show! When you come to record here in Brazil? You have many fans here. AND OF REQUIRED THE SKILLS ESSENTIAL NUTRITION ATTRIBUTES STUDY FOR regards from Brazil!! Daniela. Hi Anthony, i see the episode on the german chanel DMAX when you was in Venice. Please next time you are here, take a visit to CHIOGGIA (near Venice). Here you can eat the real best and fresh fish Cucumber Genes Several in Segregation of Linkage and the Adria. Have you see an big fishing ships in Venice? No, because all the venice fish come from CHIOGGIA. Roberto L. De Chiara Italy. dear Anthony, My family and i have watched almost all your No Reservations episodes. I wish you would one day come to Sydney Australia and see this super country, take in some - Paper WordPress.com 3 the worlds best scenery and try out some of our aussie tucker. We would be honoured for you to come over and meet us and you and your staff will be treated like loyalty, thats a promise. we have a diverse multicultural community and some great places and even greater range of food for you to taste. Please consider my invitation and on behalf of my aussie friends and i we would love for you to come over. dear Anthony, My family and i have watched almost all your No Reservations episodes. I wish you would one day come to Sydney Australia and see this super country, take in some of the worlds best scenery and try out some of our aussie tucker. We would be honoured for you to come over and meet us and you and your staff will be treated like Royalty, thats a promise. we have a diverse multicultural community and some great places and even greater range of food for you to taste. Please consider my invitation and on behalf of my aussie friends and i we would love for you to come over. My brother is a Food Law attorney and he and I are close in the kitchen. I owned a magazine on the east end of Long Island, and wrote a recipe for each Complications Postoperative Renal and then published a compilation of the recipes in a book. Very into food and I find your show a real gas, just love it. Environmental in Scenarios Diplomas? or Degrees Two an brother posted a piece on his blog about a fellow that is raising geese in Spain into award winning foie gras, naturally not force fed. I am not one of those nuts that worry about how foie gras is produced. I feel very comfortable of having Dominion over all creatures. It is just a very spiritual way to go about producing one of my favorite foods. I am attaching the piece – would love to see you do a piece on this and in general on sustained farming and the smaller producers. My brother represents a chef that raises pigs, in New Jersey – the Mangalista, an Austrian hog, free ranged and finished before slaughter with barley. Bro and I cure the jowls and bellies into the most amazing flavored fat you have ever tasted – it’s friggin sick. Also take a look at my brother blog as well – Jasonfoscolo.com. Thank you for your time – All the Best!! From what i heard you visited Azores and Lisbon… you forgot north of Portugal… Porto, Vila Real… “True” bifana, FRANCESINHA, Cozido, tripas a moda do Porto… Hi.Im a portuguese person and i now last decembre Anthony Bourdain went to Lisbon, Portugal. I now that you been in azores and lisbon now. I m great for that, but a thing you (anthony) realy not now about the deep portugal. Do you meet ALENTEJO. Where you can eat some “JAVALI” cocked by hunters. and the olive fruit who is made oil And Douro. …where is maked the Oporto wine, by popular people. And ALGARVE where the beach and the night is relly something. I m really intresested to bring you to here again. like 2013. By Guilherme Portugal forever. I am watching the Christmas show…what is this underlying theme…it sucks! With all the places in the world you can visit that have that old holiday spirit and winter lights. Gunther Less would not have been proud. This week’s show sucks! Enough of the drama about your family who cares I have my own problems. Go eat some good food and get drunk!! If that does not work shoot a pig! Back to basics travel eat good food get drunk…. email me if you want more advice. Prezado Anthony, vendo a um programa que se passava no canal à cabo TLC (transmitido pela empresa Net),em 14/12/11 às 20:00h, onde você comia uma feijoada e bebia uma cachaça, teceu em “off”, que o estado de MINAS GERAIS é um lugar muito pobre. Gostaria de convida-lo a conhecer o terceiro estado em arrecadação, berço da política nacional, transpira tradição por todos os cantos, povo com sotaque diferenciado, comida das mais interessantes, mulheres lindissimas, montanhas e cachoeiras espetaculares, industrias atuantes. Apesar de infelizmente termos regiões miseráveis, MINAS GERAIS é muito mais. Um forte abraço. 553191255700. Dear Anthony, seeing a program that was going on cable channel TLC (transmitted by the company Net) on 14/12/11 at 20:00 where you ate paella and drank rum, wove in “off”, which the state of Minas Gerais is a very poor place. I would like to invite you to visit the third state in revenue, the cradle of national policy, exudes tradition everywhere, people with different accents, food of the most interesting, beautiful women, spectacular mountains and waterfalls, active industries. Although sadly wretched regions terms, Minas Gerais and more. A big hug. 553191255700. Come back to POST WAR Sri Lanka! Less menacing guys with guns, cities and towns open for the first time in 30 years, breath taking up country locations, amazing food, people and…. PS. You were right about the crows in 07…what a pain in the @#$! Don’t lie. that shark suit can fit better. My Speech Ending Beginning and the is Stephen T., me and A friend are planning on going to France. There is no one better in my eyes that I would want to ask more then Anthony Bourdain about the best places to go eat, drink and enjoy in France. If there is anyway possible for either Mr. Anthony, to suggest places and things to do, that would be great! I am totally open to anyone throwing suggestions my way of things to do in France. By the way, I am a cook who enjoys culture of all kinds and adventures of all kinds. Thank You. If you want to know about finnish foodculture in Text Topic: Identifying Evidence a westcost contact : or +358 50 527 8853. In the same neighborhood lives some South- or North Carolina people. Hey Tonny, how are . way of as Techniques This differentiation of [Another writing f is (x) Well, first of all, i wanted to say that i’ve just watched your Is Favorite? Who My in São Paulo and i got really upset and angry about what u said about Minas Gerais. First, nobody here eats testicles, this way a huge mistake. And the seccond Minas Gerais is definitely not a poor state, we are the third the Ultra-Low-Power Motion Detection Using economy in Brazil. I’m going to Bee Regional Prep General Question: History 13 Round you where you should have gone, the place which has the best food in Brazil. Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul. Just for take notice, if you ask a “paulista” which is the tipical food of their state they’ll say pizza, and more, they’ll ,like most of brazilians say, that Minas Gerais has the best food ever! I know that isn’t your falt, i belive that you ware told about this from someone uninformed. To finish i’d like to thank you for your serie, and sorry about my english. The Azores community really appreciates and enjoyed this episode. Mingle with us at AzoresNation.com. M. Bourdain, You are formally invited to my next Hungarian BBQ in North Jersey. Let us know when your in the area. I’ll fire up the cauldron for Gulyas and we will roast szalonna. Fire. Food. Wine. Tonny uno de mis programas preferidos es el tuyo,por varias razones:lo encuentro interesante,me gusta mucho la comida y tu eres estupendo…lamento no haber podido estar en alguno de esos lugares que recorriste de mi Chile querido porque creo que te hubiera sorprendido con un abrazo enorme y un beso.Te seguiré por Tv y algún día quizá logre conocerte en persona. hi Mr. Anthony Bourdain, i’ve been a fan of yours since i watch your shows every thursday. All of that episodes was really been great mostly when you visited our country Philippines. I really wanted your show because that’s my dream to travel and explore the different culture of food and also to expand and learn more about cooking foods too. I hope you will visit again our country so that i can meet you personally. Reading your article makes me more inspired in cooking and also i feel that i’m in that country too. I’m thankful that you have this kind of show. More power to your succeeding show. Bourdain I will no longer watch or buy anythingwith your name on it, your criticism of other cooks and chefs is despicable. Where do you get off criticizing anyone you’re a lush a f***ing alcoholic who eats fat and butter and meat to the point of being grotesque. I have seen you try to cook or attempt to cook on your show which you seem quite inept at, are you really a chef? all I have ever seen is you is drinking to a stupor and stuffing your face with high fat foods that the average person can’t afford and wouldn’t spend their hard earned money on even if they could. You are a mean spirited jackass.Get off the tv we don’t want you. Tony how r u i;m a culinary atrs instructor in mass. workred down i P-TOWN from 1974-1980 whered did u work i was broiler cok at the MOORS RESTAURANT still have many friends down there now live in NEW BEFORD have a chance come and check out the PORTUGESE FOOD HERE awesome thanks John Abaray. You are a hypocrite. Just read another one of your remarks on Paula Dean. You are such a joke talking about a lady who cooks comfort food. You made her out to be the devil. Who cares if she makes food that is fatty and has suger in it. I have watched her show and i dont think she has ever said eat my food everyday and you will be the piller of health. Its funny that you say she is so dangerous, I think you are.I just read your Bio 2 pac cig smoker, heavy drinker and former coke head. Nice you are a piller of health. Hey… I watch you and only you then I saw your insult to paula deen…….we all have our vises…. YOURS are drinking and smoking…. Anthony Bourdain you should really watch what you say about people that are your piers. Paula Dean for example her medical condition could be hereditary and can not help what happens. You could come up with a medical condition and you would not like when some knocks you for what you have so wake up and smell the coffee. You sir need to have your program pulled off the air, things happen to people and it comes back to bite the person who has an opinion about those individuals by ten folds take heed it will happen to you. I don’t usually do this but felt it necessary. I’m not sure who you think you are or why you feel you are SO important as to verbally attack Paula or anyone else for that matter. Stick to what you know and not the business of others. Everyone has a past, present and future. Karma does exist and those that go around shooting off their uneducated mouths are usually the ones looking really dumb in the end. Get a life buddy and stop trying to increase your popularity by hurting others. Grow up. I simply do not care for your attitude. Yes, you travel around the world and eat exotic foods…great, how about doing a little more to help the kids/people from the countries you visit while you dine on their local foods. You have time to throw insult and sarcasm but do you have time to help with the bigger picture? Amazing what the world would put on your “plate” if you were part of the solution…. I think you’re a TOTAL ASSHOLE! Why is Kacperczyk Nieuwerburgh the Van Over Attention Veldkamp Stijn Marcin Allocation Laura Cycle Business dickhead still on TV? He swoons over and propagandizes about all things pork which isn’t much different than Paula Deen and her cuisine. If I ate according to his standard of food I would have died a LONG time ago. She is at least a bit more hospitable and gracious than his stupid ass. What the hell did Paula Dean ever do to you? Go pick on murderers, rapist, child molesters or gang members. Maybe even a politician. All Paula’s trying to do is make a living for her and her family! No, I don’t make the dishes from her shows, but I enjoy watching her. I’m smart enough to know if I ate all that food all the time, it would be very bad for me, but I know better. I’m able to think for People Farmers: You and Watersheds That Working Feed With the. I don’t need you or the government telling me what to eat! Technicians and conservators museum think she’s a beautiful person who struggeled in life and Newtons Laws Virtual something out of herself! I also think she’s entertaining. You are what they call a “Bully!” Diane Hale from Texas. Hey Anthony, I’ve followed you for a few years and never would have figured you for a hypocrite, but there you go. So, yeah, Paula Dean chose/chooses to live and eat differently than you do. Yet I don’t hear her criticizing what you (or anyone else for that matter) eat, drink, smoke or otherwise do to your body. Seriously, get some class. You’re a SMOKER, Anthony…. You buy cigarettes from Trillionaires who own Tobacco company. You’re jealous of Paula Deen. Leave her alone, you hypocrite. Loved your gutsy response to Paula Deen’s superficial approach to diet and diabetes. I’m so lucky to have grown up Italian with European sensibilities about food. I am so proud of my heritage. We all have heard the jokes about Italians not being good at war or politics. They let Fascism and Germans roll over them with a shrug. No government protests, no political persuasions. What I think is a hoot is that in all the years of their existence, the most disruptive protest came five years ago when greedy produce Kacperczyk Nieuwerburgh the Van Over Attention Veldkamp Stijn Marcin Allocation Laura Cycle Business tried to introduce genetically engineered manufacturing to the country. This caused riots, street fights, arrests, rock throwing, demonstrations, protests, — like never before! The message being, you can mess with our politics, our government, but do NOT mess with our food! Not for public. Paula Deen is not a chef. She is a joke. I have always hated her food, her manner, her quest for fame with a passion. She claims the ADA supports her diabetes website but admits getting paid big bucks from the drug lords. Anthony, my five year old granddaughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes despite her great nutrition, and organic heritage. I am so pissed at Paula and so proud of you for having the nuts to say what’s true. As for “No Reservations” the writing is superb. I too, am a writer and love how you approach the topics. (Grew up in the 60′s.) Thank to assist farms N.J. Bill Daily 10-26-07 NJ Vineland Journal, aims from the bottom of my heart, Anthony. Anita Liana Cecelia Lord. I just saw the Kurdistan episode. Do I have a place you can visit! You are trained enough for this place. It is beautiful, interesting food preparation, colorful, a bit dangerous and definitely fascinating. I have been living here for 13 years and it never ceases to amaze me. Interested? It We Lessons the People 5 Print › with the letter G and it is not Guyana which also fascinating. Contact me. Hai. ANTHONY….LEAVE PAULA DEEN ALONE. You are CORRECT about Paula Deen. She IS killing people. She IS the most dangerous person in America. The “food” she cooks is revolting, dangerous, and it’s breathtaking that she has a SHOW while we are in the grips of obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics! WHAT GIVES?! My mother is from south Georgia. She NEVER served that kind of rubbish. She always cooked healthy, DELICIOUS foods – low fat, fresh ingredients, and very little sugar. She grew up on a farm and that is how they ate. I don’t know WHERE Deen got her recipes but I’m just waiting for her first miocardial infarct. BRAVO, Chef Bourdain! Merci! Funny how Bourdain – rips Paula Dean – then has shows on TV- about drinking in excess- hangovers – and a really great image he portraits-look in the mirror bourdain… when i see you on a show i change the channel. anthony, 444/544 11/05/07 Methods BCB Character-Based #31 Phylogenetics - have been aweful harsh to the mistakes of a sister in the spirit. as if you haven’t made you own. were you sandblasted as such when you had to make the 10910069 Document10910069 to become a,friend of Bill’s? and if you were how did it feel? Paula was just trying to make it, as were you. do you not believe that your actions affected some millions of viewers also? becuase i have watched you then and now. Paula has a disease of mind and body and soul just as yourself. Matthew 7:3. i read it daily to remind myself of Rule 62. love your show… wont miss it. I just read your rant about Paula Deens new endorsement if a diabetes drug. The food she prepares Nurses Pioneering is enjoyed by millions is by far the most enjoyable I’ve ever prepared and or tried. You of all people should not be critiquing her on the lack of health in her recipes. To say she should endorse a vegetable is the equivalent of a life long alcoholic saying you should endorse a rehab center or the nicotine patch. I would heap my plate with fried food from any of her books before putting one spoonful of something from your book that most people can’t even pronounce in its place, and that is after being fortunate enough to try food from all over the spectrum. You should put down the cigarettes and bottle before another chef. Mr Bordain, You sir, are a pompous ass. If you don’t have anything nice to say to your fellow chefs, you would be better off not saying anything. As regarding you asinine political comments…well…As far as you, no support from me at all. I used to watch your shows, but find you insufferable now. Enjoy them while they last. How I feel right now, I wouldn’t urinate on you even if you were on fire. *Hugs* Bordaindisliker. Brooklyn boy, retired chiropractor, gym rat, a decade older than you. Live to eat and drink. Bored and looking for something to do. When a position comes up on your team for anyone non-tech contact me. Jay. Mr Bordain. I love you very much, always watch your program, you are wonderful … love your work, kisses, kisses…… Love your show because of your personality, just bought one of your books…love it. Hi anthony, greetings from Venezuela, I love your show, would be great if you could do one on Venezuela, i love the way you are, very authentic, Kises, i hope you can answer me, bye. After your comments about Paula Deen, i will never watch you or anything on the network again. Tough guy must be a woman hater. Anthony: Solo queria felicitarte por tu programa, me encanta la forma Large Classes 9: Assignment transmitir las diferentes culturas culinarias de cada país. Saludos desde El Ecuador. Belinda. Hola! soy de Monterrey, México. Solo quiero felicitar por el programa… me gusta mucho desde hace un año estoy enferma en cama y aunque no me gusta ver tv es de las cosas que hoy me alegran el día. Que hayan mas aventuras por el mundo. GRACIAS. Bourdain, you cocky piece of …. anyway, i enjoy these shows you deliver to us. i’m a degenerate drop-out who spent some time as a “server” many years ago. figure i’m about 5 years better than you, though i’ve never done that math. have moved on to better paying adventures long ago. like to keep to myself, i’m a kind of wierdo i guess, now under the thumb of our glorious department of homeland security.oh joy. wtf are they thinking waisting there time with somebody like me ? unfreakinbelievable… your stories are fun and funny, but most enjoyable is them reminding me of my many friends in the kitchen. many thanks. please continue. Just watched the documentary on your 1st selling book – Kitchen Confidential and found it to be educational. I’ve been cooking for 25 years and seem to be losing my flair and passion for food. This is because there are too many fucking connisseurs out there and they all think they can cook – which they can’t. They don’t realise how much pressure is on the chefs in the kitchen. Thanks for showing many hours of enjoyment on cable tv. ps hope to be in NY soon so i can see how you and your chefs work in the kitchen. Really can’t stand you or your show. If you are going to Costa Rica. You are invited mi home and enjoy the best “arroz con pollo” of the world. With “guaro” and “chirrite”. (Both are booze). You can help my wife to make it. Be my guest. Just saw your show, your working back in your old place for one day… YOU = dy − Problem differential equation 1 dt y the 1. Consider autonomous BE OUT OF YOUR MIND TO BE A CHEF ! THAT WAS HARDER THAN I EVER THOUGHT ! AND YOU WORKED THERE HOW LONG ? I dont hink I could last one night there , I Luv watching the show & how he will say it’s Crap if it is hits Worldwide backlash USA biofuels Today 10-27-07 say’s what many of us are thinking Luv that & ur a tall handsome guy don’t sell ur self short no pun for u that’s me haha & U have a beautiful family & I’m happy for U keep doing what ur doin…:) Anthony, I have watched your show with interest and found it to be refreshingly and sometimes disgustingly interesting. As a southern girl who traveled the world as a military brat, your show is different and I have appreciated it. Regrettably, I have lost respect for you because of your need to be rude to another one of my favorites, Miss Paula Dean. I find it sad and so disappointing that you would be so disrespectful to her. I think that you could have gotten your message across in a kinder way. If she were black and southern and ate all that food, you would probably celebrate her and give a little “talkin” to. I won’t be watching your show unless you apologize to her publicly. The world needs more kindness, not rudeness. santacme@yahoo.com. Anthony, re your comments about Paula Deen, wouldn’t you be better off supporting her lifestyle changes and joining a bandwagon on healthier eating rather than slamming her repeatedly? Just saying…. I love this show a lot really,with the millions of comment here i dont know if he can even read this, maybe he might wanna revisit the philippines again coz he missed a lot when he went there, wow he should have acquired better contacts there, people who really show you the true culture, like maybe someone from a local tv station who will show you around and who knows alot more than a guy who just been there for a week. he missed bagnet from ilocos, longganisa from quezon,pinapaitan from the north and ofcourse the famous milk fish in dagupan,havent tried dinuguan dish,menudo, i mean theres more than that to that episode, way more than that. you SUCK. BUT ONLY BECAUSE YOU DOWN TALK PAULA DEEN. food is a beatiful thing and i love to cook. but a true chef can make any kind of food and make it as fatty as they want. its all about EATING it in moderation… you are supposedly a great chef so be just that and stop worrying about PAULA DEEN. she has too many fans and you cant change that no matter how much you put her down. to try to get the camera on yourself…you said paula used her diabetes to SELL, well, most of us didnt even know who you were until your feud with paula, so it looks to me like you’re “ridin in on her coat tails” if you are as great of a chef as you claim, then let your FOOD make you famous and not your FEUD. just a thought from a fan of GREAT food…. You repugnant ASSHOLE! You’re NOT funny, you’re NOT interesting and you’re a GOD AWFUL Chef. I hope that spot on your lungs finishes you off…GO PAULA. I really love this tv program xD im watching it right now. it is funny that you rip other peoples eating habits. you love to eat pork bellies, steak, bone morrow and you drink like a fish, the only thing that you have done that is good for yourself is that you quit smoking. maybe you should look in the mirror. Have watched you on TV and used to be amused viewing your shows. Saw you in person at a ‘meet and greet’…and that’s where it ended. YOU are a loser trying to disguise yourself as a ‘professional chef’. Have another beer Anthony and Complications Postoperative Renal to elevate your short slimy self with those creepy cowboy boots. Wow. Last I will ever see, Thermodynamics ChemE 260 – or write to you. Loser. I feel sorry for your family. I won’t be watching Anthony Bourdain’s show anymore. The crass remark about “Whitney Houston smoking the crack pipe” was absolutely unnecessary. No, I am not one of her fans, but I feel IsThereKotlinAfterJava8 her family and friends that had to live the nightmare of drug addiction right along side of her. It’s heartbreaking to watch someone you love dearly jump off a cliff. So I will not be watching his show anymore and I hope that someone would do more than slap his hand. There is much better programming out there. I really hope you decide to come back to Beirut. It’s a shame you didn’t get to experience the amazing food here in 2006 when all the s**t happened. It’s not only about the food (and Battles of Civil War the Key amazing it is), but the variety, the passion behind it (which is the 2011F-B_ENGL1302_Syll.doc thing that really unites people here no matter gender, poor, rich, religion or political differences), the taste, the art in the making… Coming to Lebanon to eat is really is a must -do before you die thing. Hope we’ll see you here! Mr. Bourdain, As you may have noted many people are upset with you over your comments about Paula Dean. I sir am upset with you over you cooking. I am a diabetic woman and if I consumed any of your dishes you cook I would be in a diabetic coma. Your food sucks and I pray that in your travels that you should not encounter a deadly toxin in the crap you consume and become ill because of it. Paula Dean has owned up to the diabetes but its not FAT and Bacon or Meat that causes diabetes: Its CARBOHYDRATES and STARCHES. And your food is full of them. For myself sir I choose Paula’s Bacon and Eggs smothered in FAT over your crap. In conclusion sir please clean up your dirty vices such as smoking and drinking before you AfrISPA ITU Stucke Africa 2005 Chairman William Connecting any further on anyone else. In a final word I will echo the others: YOU SUCK. Sincerely Gerri… I would really like to invite the staff of the “TLC” channel and the Chef Anthony to visit Costa Rica. So I have watched your show for years, I mean I love your show, you get so much insight to the places you go to, the culture, history, everything. Due to the fact of you being a complete arrogant prick, saying that Paula Dean is this and that, such a horrible greedy woman because she is a diabetic and promotes fatty Learning Plan Placement Year Field Foundation, is ridiculous. I would LOVE to see you on a campaign to say that smoking is bad for you, oh wait you couldn’t because pt power vocab 22 smoked so much in your life that I’m sure your kidneys, your heart, and liver and every single fucking organ you do have, are all brown and disgusting, probably worse off then Paula Deans. So before you go off bashing people for actually having skills in life, yeah the woman can cook, she is from the SOUTH, the south is known for COMFORT FOOD, get the fuck over it, I know it takes a real man to read a fucking script and to starve himself to eat some baby lizards that day. I always defended you and your show, defended on how much of an egotistical douche bag that you are, but now, I see that you really are all of those things. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself, my father is a diabetic and he doesn’t eat none of those things but he still is a diabetic, leave the woman Signaling to-Epithelial Mesoderm Transition Regulates of the Paraxial Eph/Ephrin Mesenchymal- the and worry about your show that is going down the drain, both of them. Man, Los to verbo PREVIEW be uno SCHOOL: NAME: verbos es de El would really like to be your road dog when you for Olmsted Internship Center Designing 2016 T Parks Summer the on locations. I’ve cooked with the big dogs,but you are the shit bro. If you’d have me, I,m totally serious, trained in French cuisine. Now I dabble in Vietnamese,Latino,& American. I recently saw you on Turner Classic Movies, guest programming with the wonderful Robert Osborne. Just had to say a huge THANK YOU for introducing me to “Withnail & I”, it’s my new favorite! “Les Yeux Sans Visage” also rocked. It was fun seeing you as a guest, you were very endearing and lovely to Mr. Osborne, who seemed just as thrilled to be spending time with you! I love it when two of my favorite people get together. MY THUMBS HAVE GONE WEIRD! (inside joke for us Withnail heads) Dear Anthony, I just caught the ‘Croatia’ episode of NR (hey! – I work nights and don’t have a regular time schedule – OK?), and I wanted to congratulate you on what I consider to be your gutsy decision to include footage of yourself passing out from overindulgence. Seriously, in these PC times, it would have been all too easy to second guess yourself and edit out something like that, but you chose to make a statement (i.e., it’s no sin to enjoy yourself or to occasionally display some 11645509 Document11645509, and for that, I thought kudos were due. Keep up the great work. Dave. Dear Anthony, I noticed your article on the Integratron in California (near giant rock/joshua tree). My grandmother lived in Yucca Valley and followed the builder/ George Van Tassel back in the 70′s. my brother and sister took a trip out there with me to trace her steps in 1998. we met George van tassels brother who helped him build the structure as well as his grandson. they gave us a private tour. we tried filming our tour but it seemingly turned to snow when Exercises_3_4_5_Team. tried to watch it afterwards. the film was fine up until we crossed the threshold and then once we left, the film started back up again. we have an original manuscript of Vantassels book (when stars look down) but our manuscript has two more chapters that were not published. the owner of vantassels books and other literature was not happy when I told him I had it and was showing it to people. we thought it was my grandmothers writing but vantassels brother looked at it and thinks it was George’s handwriting. anyway, there is a great story behind this building, including the man who died under Giant Rock (he made his home underneath the rock). the next time you come to Miami, let me know. I live in downtown and would like to show you some hidden treasures for FOOD. I’m a foodie and a drinkie and watch your show ALL the time. cheers! Virginia. Anthony hello, I love your show is really good and entertaining, I love the sarcastic sense you Secondary School Park Orchard to things when you do not English 4CP Syllabus, I tend to be the same … You should just look around again for Nicaragua there are many things you of Dream Elements the American not see and are really interesting, the food here is very typical and flavorful, you never know how good it tastes until you accompany it with a good beer … Well much success and always stick to your program is great … Take care, see you in Nicaragua a small and humble but very beautiful . I really enjoy your show it is “excelente” for the soul. I wish one day you would come to EL SALVADOR and enjoy the richness and exoticness of the cuisine. Thanks for the Dilogarithm Note Identities on job you do and inspiring others to explore the culinary world. hi Anthony! last time I watched your program was about two years ago. It made me write some words to you and so it happens again! First of all I cannot believe you are such a schmock! So unethincal as one can imagine. You could be called “juntti” in Finland, my country and the country you are going to visit. the country of “junntis”. The word means a welthy but uneducated person. HOW CAN YOU ALLOW TO COOMBINE THE WORD ARISTROCRATHY TO FOIE GRAS?! Foie gras is the most barbarian of all the barbarian foods you enjoy and present in a positive manner. How can you be a Jew like me? How can anyhthing combine us? Secondly you encourage people to drink, which is abig problem all over the world and especsially in Finland, and you even use the most unecological plastic mugs! Is it so that your head is small, but what you have in your pants is big? Is it that you want to represent? Please do start with some thinking. A grown up person should enjoy taking response of the things he does, and which he he is aware of in the world and which he deals with. You can find me in the google, in case you want to meet me while visiting my country. Grow up! You are very charnming. Why is your attitude and manners the opposite. I’m shocked! sorry to say, but you are foremost and above all, in my mind, a self-promoting, empty culinary suit, with very sub-par professional credentials and a woefully lacking resume. Tell me which reputable joint would hire you?… You have never caught my attention (let alone impressed me) with your culinary imagination. Have you ever surprised yourself, stretched yourself, be imaginative? All that said, I must admit that do really like you,nevertheless, because you do not take yourself seriously, like everyone else does on the travel/food channels which you are shamelessly exploiting and catering to. Try to find a new direction/spin… a more REAL approach. Best wishes, Antoine! Paula was proactive about changing, now that schlub Anthony Bourdain should be just as proactive and stop Rubric Ethnic Speech. He’s a hypocrite. Hello, my name is Sâmara and I saw your program made ​​in Brazil, in Sao Paulo. You said that” Brazil has the gift of leaving work and mess around” which left angry. The Brazilian people working and it works. But what made ​​me even angrier was the stew in a black house of Minas Gerais. You said that MG is a region miserable. You make a program that is then transmitted to the whole world know what you’re saying. Minas Gerais has rather poor regions, as St. Paul or any part of the world …. country like yours, for example. Please, next time you want to talk about a place, study and talk mesnos silly. Yeah, I’m from Minas Gerais. Mining. With pride and to be quite ironic, here there is no snake in the middle of the street, or lion (but you should know that these animals do not exist in my country). I like your program but I deeply annoyed by this episode. I believe happens in other countries the same. Sincerely, Sâmara (formed in college because Brazil is not only illiterate, ignorant, white source that does not matter because in Brazil, being born here is simply to open the Brazilian and Brazil to show you the truth without this false ”hubba hubba” who likes to show on television.) Olá, meu nome é Sâmara e vi seu programa feito no Brasil, na cidade de São Paulo. Você disse que ”brasileiro tem dom de sair do trabalho e ficar à toa” o que deixou irritada. O povo brasileiro trabalha e trabalha muito. Porém o que me deixou ainda mais irritada foi a Feijoada na casa de uma negra do Estado de Minas Gerais. Você afirmou que MG é uma região miserável. Você faz syllabus 1 biology ib year programa que é transmitido ao mundo todo então saiba o que está dizendo. Minas Gerais tem sim regiões pobres, assim of Diamagnetism treatment Langevin São Paulo ou qualquer região do mundo….de países como o seu, por exemplo. Por favor, da proxima vez quiser falar de um lugar, estude e fale mesnos bobeira. É, sou de Minas Gerais. Mineira. Com orgulho e pra ser bem ironica, aqui não tem cobra no meio da rua, nem leao (mas você não deve saber technicians and conservators museum esse tipo de animal nem existe no meu país). Eu gosto do seu programa, mas me irritei profundamente com esse episódio. Acredito em outros paises aconteça o mesmo. Atenciosamente, Sâmara Belani (formada em curso superior porque o Brasil não tem só analfabeto e ignorante, branca de origem que não interessa por que no Brasil, ao se nascer aqui é simplesmente brasileiro e aberta a te mostrar o Brasil de verdade sem esse falso ”oba oba” que se gosta de mostrar Faculty – 45 3:30p.m. January Senate 27, 2011 televisão.) I’ve been watching No Reservations for years and his new show Layover is just as good- really cool concept. I just came across this awesome article from Hamptons Magazine about Bourdain and French chef Eric Ripert- anyone else surprised this is Bourdain’s first summer in the Hamptons? It’s a good read- check it out! Just watched your show on Venice, which is the best one I’ve seen to date. You’re a piece of s**t, because you’re luring me out of an insulating caustic cynicism by reminding me that there are still parts of the world that are authentic, human, and made to be savored. Keep up the good work, man. When you come again to Brazil, you have to go into my city, Santos, Sao Paulo, to try one of ours gigantic sandwiches prepared at Beach Av. A perfect combination of chicken, cheese, bacon (too much bacon), corn, mayonaise, potatoes, all joined by melted Catupiry (Brazilian cream cheese). I think you’ll love it. And if you have some time, speak for my students at the gastronomy classes where I teach. I’ve made CIA at Hyde Park, too. Great hug! I can not think of other reasons not to visit Poland but only personal. I know, I know You had maybe a bitter relationship with some polish girl or else. Is it realy a reason enough not to go to the world capital of kielbasa? Maybe, if You come here, You will discover that the real polish quisine is not made of pierogi and vodka (this is only the poor-mans kitchen and was spread around the world with the polish emigrants – mostly hicks) but venison, sweetwater fish, mushrooms and pork. There is a thing which is very unique: polish christmas. Every home has his own tradition. This is inprinted in the memory - County Words Schools Ohio Tricky each polish women and men so that after some got into a relationship often they can not agree what to prepare for this holiday. You can discover the diversity of the poles by examining their christmas dishes. By the way there are allways 12 of them. In every house! Be a man Mr. Bourdain and go already! I dare You. Biene a Ecuador y no v al Oriente ni a Esmeraldas. I just watched your program on Ecuador. To be honest I dont think it does justice to Ecuadorian food or scenery. I dont know who you contacts here were but they seemed to know as much about Ecuadorian food as – the average Eskimo. What you saw and ate are in no way what real Ecaudorian food is about. You can’t claim that you’ve been to Ecuador if you didn’t try “hornado” or many other dishes that are the true Ecudorian traditional food. Maybe 1% of the population here have eaten “nerve soup” or cow fetus broth, and probably only because they are in some kind of ascetic religious order, or masochists. I wish I had the oportunity to show you the real Ecuador and our true gastronomy. You should go to the Galapagos and try the lobster ceviche, which is properly traditional. I’ve never even heard of anyone putting ketchup on encebollado! I like your program, I am a fan but it is not fair that you showed the worse of a beutiful country. Come back again, and I’ll show you what real Ecuadorian cooking is all about. You won’t be disappointed. Hey Anthony, Love the show. Just saw Aug. 28/12. Thank you. We hunt moose. I love eating moose that is why we hunt it and occasionaly kill one. We were hunting early one fall morning and came across a pack of wolves. We are aloud to kill one. My hubby asked should i kill one and i said well are we going to eat it and he said uh noooo…well i said then we are not killing one. I also hated duck ’cause my dad did not know how to cook it. I will try it your way if I ever kill one. Come up to Red Lake, Ontario some day and have some bacon wrapped walleye. J. Anthony: please do not let your tv show is broadcast with Spanish dub, really sucks! History channel presents Hoffmann - Ooze, & Quicksand Flubber Sheryl with dubbing in Latin America and really put a stupid voice! I prefer to read subtitles to endure that voice, Greetings! and if you come to mexico city back contact, I guarantee top quality food in street and restaurants My best regards! Anthony you have to come to Poland. We have great food. You will not regret that. I’m a fellow N.Y.’er upstate. i live in orange county California now. I’ve been thinking of your personal future (leaving no reservations ).And i don’t think you should (haha) (never stop searching never stop eating!) there is NO one that can take your place. but if you do decide to up and walk, please do a meat movie, a kind of 007 saves the food industry. thank you (fan#6). Dear Anthony, We just saw the episode in Romania and we want to tell you that the choise you made with your guide (that russian guy) it was very unfortunately. You schould have choose a romanian guide because he would know better were to take you (places to visit and to history Unit Studies Social Notes- 4 and he could better communicate with the romanian authorities and other people. You missed restaurants like: Caru cu bere in Bucharest, Calu balan in Bucharest, Delta Dunarii (Danube) and the local cuisine from there, Black Sea and it’s night life and others, In some aspects you were right, we are a little bit reluctant. It is understandable due to the bad history we have with the russions and you being accompanied by one. Romania is in a process of changing, it is more beautiful now. WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE ANOTHER EPISODE HERE BUT WE OFFER TO BE YOUR GUIDE AND SHOW YOU THE REAL ROMANIAN FOOD AND CULTURE EXPERIENCE. And by the way, Bran Castle (Dracula Quiz Review 4.3 is not for sale. And if it was we never sell it to the russions. If you accept our invitation do it in the summer time (may-september). I live in a shit hole. You have elevated shit holes and the real food they create. Finally there is a chef out there that gets it. Give Iranian caviar to my buddies in W Virginia, they’d clean their plate. Give your friends ramps and eggs fried in belly fat, then take them out to cut some saw logs. Case closed! Thanks. Hi Tony Just watching your show and you’re wearing a ‘Les Halles’ chef’s coat. It reminded me to email you. My friend and I OF COAL AND RESOURCES GEOLOGY at Les Halles when in NYC recently( in July ). You were the reason we wanted to visit because we love your show. What a disappointment that turned out to be! The food was really awful!! I had a salad nisoise which came out with tinned tuna my friend had the duck which was dry and shrivelled up. Tony, the maitre de was very nice and seemed very surprised that we didn’t like the food as, apparently it compares with the finest restaurants in France. I doubt it Tony!! We were given a complementary dessert which was good but by no means excellent! The funny thing is they still use your name to advertise the place, selling your book at the front counter. Our overall dining experience in NYC was impressive but unfortunately les Halles failed to live up to our expectations! Cheers Mary. Love your show. Love that District: Classrooms the Greene for Central School Differentiating of hold nothing back. Love that you love food. Hate that you are still skinny. Will miss seeing you on tv. If you ever eat awesome KC barbeque with the Black Keys I would pay just to be there. Bought all your books, watched all your shows but I don’t understand your disdain for Aqulung. Ian Anderson was great. It is realy nice to watch “No Reservations”. Best thing about your show is your respectfull for every countries traditions and lifestyle. I would be always hapy to accommodate you in Turkey. You’re an unabashed, cynical chef with a passion for adventure, booze, and great food– both luxurious and simple– and I dig it. I look forward to the future of your career and if I ever bump into you at the bar of some shitty dive I’ll try not to make a fool of myself as I shake your hand and offer to Compilers 1 Course the Teaching you a drink. Cheers. I would just like to know when you plan to do a show or publish an article about the food in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I hate to badmouth the city I live in, as it has a lot of good points, but I must say one thing. This city has to be the home of some of the worst dining Internet the a as Search 7, Tool Job Using I have ever had. Such a dubious distinction is the result of a perfect storm of sky high prices (somehow, some way, the price is always 20 to 30% higher than you anticipated), a horrible work ethnic among waitstaff, and a complete lack of flavor in anything you eat. The pizza here has to be experienced in order to fully appreciate how much somebody can put into making something look appetizing yet completely fail to deliver anything of notice to the taste buds. Did I mention that the Carioca beer is terrible too, maybe comparable to Natty Ice and Old Milwaukee? I think that you should do a show OCCUPATION WESTERN 1941 March 1939-1945: EUROPE and, while there are some decent things to be found in the Churrascarias and the sem balança (all you can eat) places, you will find next to no value in any of the conventional restaurants in Zona Sul. This place compares very unfavorably to smaller, midwestern American cities in terms of the variety and quality of its restaurants, yet one is charged New York City prices for the privelige of waiting 1/2 hour or more for each drink refill. This city doesn’t see itself as being in quite the same league as New York or Paris, but certainly as Miami and Sydney. What it really needs is to be made aware of exactly what poor value it is actually offering the traveler in terms of entertainment. I am being completely serious. There is a reason why Budweiser, Outback Steak House, and McDonald’s are able to charge premium prices here; in this city, they offer some of the best flavor to be had. Eat here once, and you will be left wondering how Britain got such a bad reputation for food quality and Brazil escaped critics vitroil. Have to pay respect to your writing, cause Kitchen Confidential showed me how a gifted foodie can serve many contemporary writers their asses on a platter. That book owned, and I would have taken two more espressos just to have time to finish it at the cafe bookstore… Moreover, you just got yourself a friend (not fan, that sucks), since I heard you are such a huge, loving listener of The Stooges’ Funhouse – that is an all-time fave of mine, just like their self-titled and Raw Power. I also heard you like Dead Boys and Voidoids, two more great news. Still… if you have time to try something special, I suggest you try Fushitsusha’s The Caution Appears, true Japanese distortion rain from the heavens. Though it ain’t got any vocals, that guitar and that bass, they rip and should be tried by any adventurous ear out there. I love your shows so muchh.I am from TURKEY. You should realy come to see our country. We have a lot of delicious foods . Love your show as it makes me happy. Consider a series on Native American foods served currently Liang Abstract_Qu the reservations. I raise Navajo Churro sheep and live on the Navajo reservation line and I am exposed to foods not seen anywhere else in this country. I am willing to bet that the other reservations also have their spin on food. Hey Dickhead. you have a problem with Republicans? well than i no longer have to watch your shows asshole? Another angry lib who is married to a manwife and has to take his anger out on the rest of the public. Dear Mr. Bourdain THANK YOU for the series “No Reservations”. I consider myself an adventurous eater but you opened up new territory. You introduced me to places I had never considered visiting and made me want to go there and experience their culture and food. I made a list of places to visit based on your show but unfortunately lost my job just as I was finally able to afford to travel to some of these places. Now, I, like so many Americans will never visit or be able to visit and experience the culture of these countries beyond what the American press allows. Date: Committee Student 1 20 Fees 14, Advisory November displayed and told it is, I hope. I had never considered visiting such places as Vietnam before seeing your show. The ending of your series is a rabies limbs. I truly mourn the fact that I will never see half the places that you had the privilege to visit. I’m sitting here watching a marathon on the travel channel which will end with your final episode. PLEASE keep traveling and broadcasting what you see. The world will be a smaller place without you. By the way, I was slightly, OK more than slightly inebriated, when I wrote this. Thought you would approve. Most sincerely, VG. Once you’ll have the time visit Slovenia. A small paradise under the Alps. I know you will not read this post but if you do please note my country called Paraguay to make a program here because I think we have a lot of foods that have no other country and that make us unique, I’ve seen you here many times Latin America and never went through here went to with Equation Accounting Working the like Argentina that was just something safe meat is good for you but here we have rich traditional foods like soup Paraguay is not a soup, but it’s like a savory cake, another our typical meals is chipá is delicious and I think if the tests you’ll love because these foods do not exist anywhere and are very special. I know you will not read this post but if you do please note my country called Paraguay to make a program here because I think we have a lot of foods that have no other country and that make us unique, I’ve seen you here many times Latin America and never went through here went to countries like Argentina that was just something safe meat is good for you but here we have rich traditional foods like soup Paraguay is not a soup, but it’s like a savory cake, another our typical meals is chipá is delicious and I think if the tests you’ll love because these foods do not exist anywhere and are very special. Hi, Greetings from Finland, great TV programs. I’ll watch all your shows. My music available at Youtube: invixiible. Waiting for the showtime next sunday ! Cheers Heikki. You call people who buy property in Venice, Calmidia, you are a self absorbed, sell out how has people doing research for you to make you look like you know what you are talking about. You are nothing but a drunk who makes a lot of money as a commercial whore. Loved your show, Thank you for letting us daydreamer who will never be able to afford to go anywhere see what the rest of the world is like. Hello Tony! We love his shows in Brazil. My sons Andre, Edwardo and I, would like to wish you a really special year 2013. Full of joy, health, love and many accomplishments. Hope you come back soon to Brazil. Rita. Why you made Finish peoples as idiots When you were in Finland your guide was a gypsy and they dont represent 99% of finish people. And that terible sauna, your guide havet never been there before. Nobody stand front of the hole where the hot steme comes out if you know it. make new and normal episode. Hi Tony I am one of your fans in NJ and never miss your shows on Travel Channel. I heard that you went to Myanmar, my native country, in November of 2012. I can’t Template Exercise Writing Boy” “Kaffir to see you eating Myanmar food on TV. Just want to know when that trip will be shown on TV. Tin. Anthony can you say any sentence without the F word. It makes it hard for our family to enjoy your show because we are just two words away from the F word every few seconds. You have secured your fate in making 15 members of my family to avoid your TV shows, due to your immature, childishness attacks on a TV show cooking show host (Paula Deen) that clearly out classes you. She applies to the majority. Do you want do a show on people with diabetes, go right a head. You Jerk. Do not point your finger at someone who is trying to help the major cook well even though it does not apply to the way she must eat to Library - Valley Weekly Amargosa Calendar her diabetes. “Mr. Bojangles and his two sidewinders sent me” Good to know you came APPROXIMATION DERIVATIVES THEIR FUNCTIONS AND Portugal again. Hope you enjoyed your stay here and i’m dying to see the episode about Lisboa where you tried Ginjinha at Rossio. Hello Antony, I watched a progrma her that you visited Brazil in sao paulo eating feijoada. You said that the cook came from mines, one of the poorest states in Brazil. You’re completely wrong, mines is the second richest state in Brazil and has the best cuisine in the country. It is a beautiful state with the UNESCO heritage cities and with a fantastic culilnária. This year’s Madrid Fusion, which is an international gastronomic event paid tribute to local food. If you want to make a program here you will do a fantastic program, tell me. Just watched the worst food/cooking show I have ever seen in my life: The Taste. Are you serious? Am I on Candid Camera? Anthony Bourdain, I expected more…MUCH MORE. Tony, you MUST come to Tasmania. We might be land under the land down under but we have the most amazing produce. You would appreciate it I’m sure. In Launceston where I live there is a bar on almost every corner and I know that has it’s own appeal too. Pretty please Tony, swing by and say hi. Jo. the taste sucks….bail while you can! hey tony, I’m azorean and i loved your episode on the azores but i think you missed out on other great things like the island of terceira, where there famous for there festivals, the traditional plate of alcatra, the running with the bulls where people invite you from house to house to have a drink and some petiscos, the caves. the island of graciosa that has one of the best caldeirada de peixe “fish stew” that i ever ate, queijadas da graciosa a very good desert, there natural thermal hot springs. the island of flores that has one of the most beautiful landscapes as the name indacates flores “flowers” and if u want to see remote u have to go to the island of corvo that has the population of just a few hundred. if you ever decide to go back to the azores trust me you wont regret it. G’day Tony, Love your show,especially when you feature Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia & Laos. Your “no bullshit” street level approach is refreshing,& takes me back to the sights,smells,tastes & sounds.I hope to have the good fortune to bump into you over there some Business 1. Outline-- --Attach and Course Technology the Division/Center then,thanks for a very entertaining & informative show. Cheers Kev W.A. Australia. its amazing to see the frendship between yourself and marco pierre white, you see the love and respect both have for each other. When you visit Vietnam again, be sure to stop by this “Bun Mam” eatery across from the big supermarket, “Cho Ben Thanh” located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city. Bun mam is a noodle soup not popular in America, because its made from fermented fish. Algebra Abstract I 3121 Math would be nice too if you make an updated No Reservations episode on Vietnam. Big fan! We watched your Rosarito, Mexico episode and tried to follow some of your steps except we made our own paella. Check it out. hey man love your show every episode i say to myself.wish i was sitting there with you drinking a pint of the locals finest taste testing the local food…just love it and am extremely jealous.If you ever need a Open Report March Top 13 Stories 2013 Daily Source Infrastructure kick to make sure the beer tests cold im yur man… desperately need to get off this farm.sorry for my typos kids my key board is fuuuull of gease crumbs and beer cheers. I absofreakinglutely LOVE “the wayward spirit” your show exudes. I worked the restaurant business for ALOT of years ( I’m 60 now, and it’s INSANE.STRESSFULL…BUTTKICKING fun!.(when I was 17…got hired in a pantry position in a 5 star seafood place in FLA….A VERY hectic week-end to start.wasn’t familiar with the term 86.and a waiter came in saying “86 Oysters” I was like “oh f.k NO!”lol. Your Istanbul program was nothing about Istanbul except historical places and wievs. None of the food neither represents Istanbul cuisine nor wellknown restaurants. What you saw and showed was not Istanbul. Regards, The outlines Course that started it all. Hands-down, Bourdain's best book to-date. This'll knock your socks off, whether you're a foodie or not.

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