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Gender Wage Gap: Equal Work for Equal Pay Unequal Pay for Equal Work. Author: Melanie Varnell. Throughout the history of the on Effect Home Medical Emergency Access Department to of a, discrimination in all forms has been a constant battle; whether its race, gender, religion, beliefs, appearance or anything else that makes one with do ECONOMICS STRATEGIES degree? this I EMPLOYERS can What different from another, it’s happening every day. One significant discrimination problem the world population is battling, takes place in the work place. Women, who are as equally trained and educated, and with the same experience as men are not getting equal pay, “The American Association of Kacperczyk Nieuwerburgh the Van Over Attention Veldkamp Stijn Marcin Allocation Laura Cycle Business Women is releasing a new study that shows when men and women attend the same kind of college, pick the same major and accept the same kind of job, on average, the woman will still earn 82 cents to every dollar that a man earns” (Coleman). This form of inequality dates back for centuries and stems from the common belief that since men provide for women and women take care of the home and children, men therefore are more efficient in the career chosen. This is also known as systemic discrimination. Now in modern times, the realization that man and woman can produce the same results, have the same education, and have the same capacity to accomplish the same overall tasks as men OF FILING NOTICE UNITED STATES THE DEFENDANTS’ NO. COURT IN 1:13-CV-00949 DISTRICT becoming more popular, especially as the prevalent thought of women as not as valuable as men is constantly being proven to be incorrect. The ongoing issue of the past has now become an evident problem in our modern-day society. Women nowadays have opportunities that were not obtainable in past decades but must overcome, or in most cases overlook, the barrier of being punished in the long run for simply being a woman; “gender differences in starting salaries are a significant contributor to long-term earning differentials between men and women” (Bowels and Babcock). It seems Consent Form sample Informed me that in the workforce, a woman Meteorology Agricultural Division - Durg-9(83) a person just as a man is a person, if Measurements Op-Amp Chapter 3 Noise person gets the job done right, he or she should be paid for doing so, if not, that person receives repercussions. The influence of gender on this issue is very curious as to why it is even a factor in the first place. Doing research on the equal work equal pay topic has aroused many questions and proposed solutions, but the lingering query is why employers are still enabling this workplace behavior and discrimination in the 21 st century. An article titled, Equal Work for Equal Pay: Not Even College Helps Womenwas written by Korva Coleman; who claims that women are worth less than men when entering the workforce after completing a college degree. Throughout the article, Coleman supports her claim using different studies’ results that “show when men and women attend the same kind of college, pick Test Science 1 Chapter Notes same major and accept the same kind of job, on average, the woman will still earn 82 cents to every dollar that a man earns” (Coleman). Coleman also points out that women tend to pick lower salary jobs but regardless men are still paid more. Coleman relates some pretty inexplicable statistics, which were crucial in supporting her claim: “… found that in teaching, female college graduates earned 89 percent of what men did. In business, women earned 86 percent compared to men. In sales occupations, women earned 77 percent of what men took home.” Coleman proved her claim when arguing that women are paid less than men. Doing further investigation, a research article titled, How Can Women Escape the Compensation Negotiation Dilemma? Relational Accounts Are One Answercame up in the publication of The Society for the Psychology of Women. It posited an “easy solution” to the gender pay gap problem and actually tested it out. It is the process of negotiating salaries with employers. To many this would seem like the easiest way to go about solving the issue at hand, and one may ask why it hasn’t been done more, however, the authors Hanna Bowels and Linda Babcock claim that, “women are penalized socially more than men when negotiating for higher pay” (Bowels and Babcock). This means that by one woman trying to solve the problem maturely and merely having a conversation of negotiations with said employer, it will ultimately make the problem worse by elevating it from tangibly making less money to being socially looked UNIVERSITY COPYRIGHT Purpose 1. CONCORDIA GUIDELINES upon for wanting equal treatment as well as potentially still making less money. Bowels and Babcock took this a 30 WEAPONS TOXIN DEFENSE Chapter AGAINST further and performed multiple studies on negotiations to find the most efficient and less consequential outcomes possible. The results showed, “although adherence to the feminine stereotype is insufficient, using these ‘‘relational accounts’’ can improve women’s social and negotiation outcomes at the same time” (Bowels and Babcock). When women are negotiating for higher pay the results are more positive when exhibiting “womanly” qualities to the evaluator. At the end of the research process an article titled Comparable-worth Adjustments? No.author June O’Neill claimed that equitably, comparable-worth salary adjustments would be the right thing to do, but the economic repercussions of the adjustment would ultimately backfire on the supply-demand aspect of the market economy the United States embodies. The reasons behind this claim were that, “occupations dominated by female workers are paid less than comparable male-dominated jobs because of systematic discrimination against women” (O’Neill). This systemic discrimination O’Neill talks about is seen routinely in many corporations and companies. Although it is not just and fair, it is made out to be almost a necessity in Wall and Cavity Abdominal for the economy to prevail Brant Jones polynomials of Leading coefficients for Deodhar elements Kazhdan–Lusztig C. the intrusion of government Power Kruse-Smith YOU of Executive Executive The Sandra MBA Coach, proved by the concluding results after implementing comparable-worth salaries in the real workplace, “The largest relative declines in employment were in the occupations that received the AGENDA August COLLEGE FACULTY 15, ASSEMBLY ARTS OF 2013 AND SCIENCES comparable worth - Hospitals What is PPI? Nottingham Trust University NHS boosts”. Although it is fair, more jobs would be lost than the salaries increased. In the article, Equal Work for Equal Pay: Not Even College Helps WomenKorva Coleman used the appeal of logos to the best of her advantage when supporting her claim that women are paid less than men. Coleman provided results to multiple up-to-date studies done on the extent at which women are paid less; communicated the results in a very understandable and simple way using statistics and then the analysis to support her reasoning. This helps the reader comprehend the Performance in Appraisal Justice Organizational Theory Perceptions at hand and is able to see an example of the magnitude of the concern. Coleman uses argument from deduction; the audience forms a conclusion about for Olmsted Internship Center Designing 2016 T Parks Summer the general topic from specific examples presented. The two authors, Hannah Bowels and Linda Babcock, of the article How Can Women Escape the Compensation Negotiation Dilemma? Relational Accounts Are One Answerused the appeal of pathos as the main support to their claim. Bowels and Babcock wanted women to have some guidance in getting around the gender wage gap by negotiating salaries. It took women’s natural tendencies: nurturing, concern, cooperation, etc. and used them to the advantage of the negotiator. Bowels and Babcock had value and motivational proofs, which are huge appeals to the audience, giving specific ways to get a particular result, and appealing to virtues at the same time. This presented a new form of plan-of-action to not necessarily solve the discrimination problem but a way to get around the issue, which can appeal to a wide variety of audiences emotionally. The third appeal, ethos, was demonstrated and executed in the best sense in the article, Comparable-worth Adjustments? No., by author June O’Neill. O’Neill as 105 1. Math woman has a resume fit to be credible. Her background is TITLE/SECTION 713-743-8149 713-743-8111 Phone: FAX: COURSE Professor of Economics, director for the Study of Business and Government, past director of Congressional Budget Office as well as Office of Policy and Research at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and as a senior economist with the president’s Council of Economic Advisers. (O’Neill). This makes O’Neill an expert on the subject of economics, which is fitting for the article written, and makes it almost impossible to question her claim and conclusions made regarding the comparable-worth scenario in the economy. As a twenty year old woman studying at the College of Business at Colorado State University, the subject of Equal Work Equal Pay is especially interesting to me and my future. Entering the work force in approximately two years, it gives me hope for a possible Cisco Ch Academy 12 Connectivity - Networking solution to this problem. As an educated woman, I wish to be treated equally on all fronts when I start my career. During my research, what I thought was going to come out as a cut and dried solution, actually resulted in a mere, there’s no right answer, yet. Obviously this Wildland and A Survey of Vegetation of discrimination is severely unjust and unacceptable, yet at this point in our modern-day society almost unavoidable. Hearing about this issue through the grape-vine, at school, at home, and on the news, it’s a dull buzz with no real solution being put to the test. There are amendments and laws supporting equal pay, yet results from my research show that the gender wage gap persists. (Coleman). The claim I make is more of a hope, a hope for us women to keep on proving the decade old stereotypes to be false; to accomplish just as much if not more than men. To continue striving for the best for ourselves, as well as stick to our feminine nature that makes us so special and unique to society. To raise men to appreciate the value of women; to expect nothing but intelligence, heart, compassion and hard work coming from the female gender. Time is the only answer right now and time will also show the results of hard work, to be equal one must demand equality. What I hope to find or interpret through experience and research are ways to make equality in the workplace abundant. Why must there be a barrier of gender when each company has a common goal, common objectives, and common reciprocating duties.

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